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Combination Primary and Backup Pump System

Model Number

Watchdog CITS-50

Combination Primary and Battery Backup Sump Pump System Includes a Basement Watchdog AC pump and a Basement Watchdog battery backup system.

  • Combined primary and backup pump in one compact system
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
  • 1/2 HP Primary Pump
  • Primary pump: 4,400 GPH @ 0ft. lift (3,540 GPH @ 10ft. lift)
    Backup pump: 2,600 GPH @ 0ft. lift (1,850 GPH @ 10ft lift)

Pre-Assembled for Easy Installation

When you buy a Basement Watchdog Big Combo CONNECT (Model CITS-50), most of the plumbing has been done for you. The primary AC sump pump and battery backup pump come pre-assembled, including check valves, elbows and pipe already measured and glued, making it fast and hassle-free for you to install the best protection in the industry.

24/7 Monitoring

The controller for your Basement Watchdog Big Combo CONNECT (Model CITS-50) sump pump system provides crucial, 24-hour-a-day monitoring of pump, power and battery conditions, ensuring your system is ready to protect. The easy-to-understand controller detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, and visually pinpoints problems and solutions on the front panel.

Automatic Protection

With the Basement Watchdog Big Combo CONNECT (Model CITS-50) on guard, you’ll have confidence knowing your basement is protected. The control box automatically monitors the system, and should your power go out, the battery backup sump pump will take over to keep your basement dry.

Two Dual Float Switches—Four Times the Protection

The Basement Watchdog Big Combo CONNECT (Model CITS-50) includes two sets of micro-reed Dual Float Switches. We introduced this technology, proven reliable in other uses for over 50 years, to the pump industry and improved it by including two floats on each pump. Simply stated: if two is good, four is better.

30+ Years Protecting Basements

The Basement Watchdog has been protecting homes for over 30 years and continues to be a market leader. We build the most dependable, user-friendly pumps in the industry using intelligent design, premium components, and quality manufacturing practices that include thoroughly testing every single unit.

Pumping Power

The Basement Watchdog Big Combo CONNECT (Model CITS-50), our most popular option, moves an impressive 4,400 GPH at 0’ height (3,540 GPH at 10’ height) from the primary AC sump pump, and 2,600 GPH at 0’ height (1,850 GPH at 10’ height) from the battery backup sump pump. Plus, both the primary and backup can run simultaneously, providing extra capacity if needed.

Automatic Charging

The Basement Watchdog Big Combo CONNECT (Model CITS-50) is equipped with an automatic, multi-stage, 1.6amp charger that keeps the battery fully charged and ready to go. Plus, it’s compatible with our wet-cell and maintenance-free batteries. This model can handle two of our batteries, connected in parallel, to double your runtime.

Remote Notification

Knowing the status of your sump pump is critical whether you are at home or away. The Basement Watchdog Big Combo CONNECT (Model CITS-50) can link to The Basement Watchdog Wi-Fi Module (Model BW-WiFi) or a home security system, allowing for real-time alerts via text, email, through our app, or from your home security provider.

Pumping capacity (in gallons per hour at a 10-ft. height):  
Main Pump 3540 GPH
Backup Pump 1850 GPH
Approximate hours of pumping with a Basement Watchdog Battery:  
Big Standby Battery 60 hours*
Emergency Standby Battery Not recommended
Maintenance Free/AGM Standby Battery 48 hours
Runs intermittently for days on a single charge  
Charger strength (the higher the amps, the faster it will recharge the battery) 1.6 amps
Switches automatically to battery power when AC power fails  
Pumps automatically when water volume exceeds the capacity of the main AC pump  
Recharges automatically when power is restored  
Monitors battery and power conditions constantly  
Charges the battery, then the charger shuts off to extend the life of the battery  
Runs the pump weekly to ensure it is working properly  
Accommodates maintenance or maintenance free (AGM) batteries  
Connect two batteries to further extend the run time of the system  
Detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, and pinpoints problems and solutions on the control panel  
USB data port to connect to the Basement Watchdog WiFi or Home Automation Module  
Remote terminal for connection to a security system, auto dialer or other device  
Battery needs water  
Battery is old and needs to be replaced  
Battery is discharged or defective  
Battery cable is loose or terminals are corroded  
Power, fuse or circuit breaker has failed  
Pump has been activated, check the main pump for failure  
The alarm can be silenced during a power outage  

* Based on a 10% duty cycle. Run times may vary based on inflow of water.

Replaces the BW4000

More Information
Model Number CITS-50
Series Watchdog Battery Backup Sump Pump
Max Flow (GPM.) 55
Max Flow GPH 3300
TDH Maximum (Ft) 30
TDH BEP (FT.) 10.000000
Horse Power (HP) 1/2
Horsepower (IE .5, 1, 1.5, 20) 0.5000
Outlet Connection Type FNPT
Outlet (In.) 1.5
Wetted Materials Acetal-Delrin
Elastomers / O-ring Buna-Nitrile
Voltage (V) 115
Voltage (Range) 110-120
Phase (Ø) Single (1)
Motor Frequency 60
Motor Hermetically Sealed
Speed (RPM.) 3450
Self Priming ----
Max Operating Temperature (F) 105
Viscosity Milk 3.20 cp 40.00 ssu
Shaft 416SS
Mechanical Seal No
Drain Yes
Port Rotation Yes
Weight (Lbs) 21.000000
Warranty (YRS.) 2