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Submersible Utility Pumps

Utility pumps for submersible pumping of smaller volumes of water or infrequent use. Submersible water pumps for utility dewatering sit on the ground and pull water in from their bottom surface area. Discharge can be either vertical or horizontal depending on the pump. Materials of construction are plastic, aluminum, and Stainless steel depending on the model.

Utility Pump Power Sources

Power choices for utility pumps are 110/115/120v AC household and 12vDC. While none of these pumps can run dry, most can operate partially submerged for periods of time. Level switches are also available to make manual pumps automatic On/Off. Power cords come in 6FT to 33Ft long.

Utility Pumps Applications

Submersible utility pump is ideal for removing water from sinks, tubs or shallow flooded areas such as flooded basements, floors, flat roofs, window wells, lawn, patio, and ponds etc. Pumps available for garden hose (GH) or 1"-2" lay-flat discharge hose. Most utility pumps are not high pressure but meant to discharge relatively large amounts of water for their compact size. For larger dewatering utility pumps click here.

Utility Pump Manufacturers

Utility pumps by Little Giant, Glentronics, Koshin, AMT, Wayne are the most popular of our pump lines. These pumps are not meant for continuous duty, as a household sump pump or operating swimming pools. Some pumps handle dirty water debris better than others, see descriptions.


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  1. Flotec

    1/4hp Utility Pumps


    The Smart Geyser is a very versatile pump used to remove water from a variety of areas. Automatically turns on and off checking for water.Floor low level pump. These submersible utility pumps have a range of applications from job site to mobile ...
  2. Wayne

    1/4 HP Vortex Submersible Utility Pump



    This unique utility pump passes 1/2" solids such as leaves, pebbles and other debris without clogging. Use fully or partially submerged, indoors or outdoors.

    Features & Benefits

    • Reinforced thermoplastic motor housing, volute and impeller will no...
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