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Sewage & Effluent Pumps - Industrial

Commercial & Industrial Sewage & Wastewater Pumps

Pumpbiz provides sewage pumps, non-clog Effluent pumps for Industrial / Commercial submersible heavy duty applications Non-clog sewage pumps also come in packaged pump systems with basin and rails.

Submersible Sewage and Effluent pumps come in single and three phase, all voltages, as well as a range of horsepower (from ½ HP to 30 HP), and various pressure and flow rates. These commercial sewage pumps include heavy duty long power cords but most often no plugs.

PumpBiz can also provide a Rhombus pump control panel for these pumps.

Top selling Sewage & Effluent Pump Brands include Barnes,  Barmesa, Ebara

Sewage Pumps

Sewage pumps are designed to handle wastewater with suspended solids trash up to 2 inches. These pumps are designed to work with toilet waste discharge. Grinder Pumps are sewage pumps with grinder blades to reduce solids. Grinder sewage pumps start at 2HP.

Effluent Pumps

Effluent pumps, or gray water pumps, are made for discharging water with a moderate amount of solids suspended. These pumps can handle smaller size solids and are used in septic systems, or sump pits which do not have a toilet connected. Typical Effluent Pump applications handle solids up to roughly ¾ inch.

See this page for Self Priming Trash pumps gas and electric


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  1. Barmesa Pumps

    Submersible 1.5HP 3" Sewage Pump



    3" Submersible Sewage NON-CLOG pump, 2-1/2" spherical solids handling.

    Heavy duty waste water pumps for all commercial applications


    • 25 ft. cord.
    • All cast iron.
    • Silicon Carbide SiC inboard shaft seal in oil filled chamber
    • Impelle...
    200/230/3 1.5HP Learn More
  2. EBARA Pumps

    SS Submersible sewage Pump



    The EBARA Model DWU “Dominator” sewage pumps are designed for reliable pumping of wastewater with suspended solids up to 2″ in diameter. The EBARA Dominator is superior in dependability and efficiency. High-quality stainless steel components are s...

    1 1/2HP 208-230V/3 HS Learn More
  3. Barnes Pumps

    Vortex pump 1.5hp


    Barnes 2SEV submersible NON-CLOG vortex sewage pump, handles 2" spherical solids due to its unique vortex impeller design. All cast iron w/ bronze impeller. Includes 15ft line cord.
    1.5hp/200/230v/3ph Learn More
  4. EBARA Pumps

    SS sewage 1.5hp


    SS sewage pump. No float switch. Impeller type: Vortex.
    1 1/2HP 208-230V/3 HS Learn More
  5. EBARA Pumps

    SS sewage 1.5hp


    SS sewage pump. All Stainless Steel construction for heavy duty waste / trash / dirty water pumping. No float switch. Impeller type: Vortex. Single Channel Impeller. Submersible pump used for industrial waste, sump pits and more.
    1 1/2HP 208-230V HS Learn More
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