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Mud Pumps

Mud Pumps come in both electric and gas / diesel engine drive along with air motors. Most of these pumps for mud, trash and sludge or other high solids content liquid dewatering, honey wagon and pumper trucks.

Slurry and mud pumps are often diaphragm type pumps but also include centrifugal trash and submersible non-clog styles. We have these mud pumps from leading manufacturers: AMT, Gorman Rupp, Riverside, Honda, FlexPumpKoshin, Tsurumi. These pumps would be a subgroup of Trash and Dredge Pumps.

WARNING: Do not use in explosive atmosphere or for pumping volatile flammable liquids. Do not throttle or restrict the discharge. Recommend short lengths of discharge hose since a diaphragm mud pump is a positive displacement type and they are not built with relief valves. 

Air pneumatic diaphragm pumps

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  1. Riverside_DP2B diaphragm pump


    Honda 5.5 hp diaphragm pump 2 in.


    15% Off Special Price $1,447.00 Regular Price $1,702.00

    Honda 5.5 hp diaphragm pump 2 in., gas engine

    Riverside Pumps' rugged and reliable Diaphragm Pumps are sometimes called "mudhogs" for their ability to pump heavy mud and sludge, thicker than any centrifugal pump can handle. They also have the adv...

    2" 5.5HP Learn More
  2. Riverside

    3 in. Honda diaphragm pump



    Diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps. They pump a specific volume for each pump cycle. Diaphragm pumps move fluids more slowly than centrifugal pumps, but can handle mud and larger amounts of solids including abrasive materials. They al...

    5.5 hp Honda engine Learn More
  3. AMT Pumps

    3" Honda Driven Diaphragm Pump


    25% Off Special Price $1,897.50 Regular Price $2,530.00

    Honda GX160 gas engine 5.5HP. 3" Diaphragm pumps features 2-stage, 44 to 1 gear reduction with a large diameter output gear and heavy duty ball bearing construction. Often referred to as Mud pumps or Sludge pumps, diaphragm pumps are designed to p...

    Honda GX160 Learn More
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