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Metering Pump

Pumpbiz provides a wide selection of metering pumps from a range of manufacturers. Metering pumps, also called dosing pumps and proportioning pumps, are pumps that add precise amounts of liquid to other fluid streams or vessels.
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  1. Hypro Pumps

    316 Stainless Steel Gear pump



    Rotary Gear pump with motor. 316 Stainless construction, Ryton gears. 

    Gear pumps are positive displacement pumps. Each shaft revolution displaces a definite amount of liquid relatively unaffected by the back pressure in the discharge line. Shaft...

    3HP 230V TEFC Learn More
  2. Hypro Pumps

    316SS Gear pump end only


    Rotary Gear pump PEO pump end only. 303 SS fasteners, Ryton gears.

    Use for pressure spraying, circulation of lubricants, tank / drum filling. Will handle water like liquids to very thick. Bi-rotational allows for flow direction reversal. Flu...

  3. Hypro Pumps

    Cast Iron Gear pump


    Rotary Cast Iron Gear pump 1" with electric motor. 303 SS fasteners, steel gears.

    Adjustable relief valve designed for internal pressure relief, can be ported for either internal or external discharge. Do not operate the relief valve for more ...

    3HP 230v/1 ODP 1" Learn More
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