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High Pressure Pumps

High pressure water pumps

High pressure water pumps from PumpBiz cover the full spectrum of applications. From the top manufactures, our high pressure pump inventory includes engine driven and electric motor driven, and centrifugal as well as diaphragm pumps.


High pressure water pumps for sale

We sell high pressure pumps from the most reliable manufacturers in the country. While we have a large selection of high pressure pumps for sale, we want to be sure you purchase the right pump for your needs. If you are not sure which pump is best, please give us a call. While we are always happy to sell pumps to you, we want to be sure it is the right pump for your needs.

High pressure electric water pumps

For most applications, electric water pumps are very common. From high pressure pumps for irrigation to small pumps for ice machines, the primary power is provided by electric motors. If you have a relatively stationary need with reliable electric power, the high pressure electric pumps are your best choice.

Engine Driven High Pressure Water Pumps

Gorman-Rupp and AMT are among the most popular brands for engine driven high pressure pumps. Their gas or diesel powered pump engines provide high pressure pumping capabilities that are portable and reliable. For high pressure fire pumps, we provided LP conversion kits as well.

High pressure water pump manufacturers

We carry pumps from the top pump manufacturers in the United States. Some of more popular high pressure pump manufacturers are All-Flo, Lanaster, Gorman-Rupp, Berkeley, AMT, MTH, Myers, Sta-Rite, Oberdorfer, Pedrollo, Flotech, Webtrol, and Pumptech. While not an exhaustive list of our high pressure pump manufacturers, it should give you an idea of the breadth of pumps available from PumpBiz.

High pressure water pump prices

High pressure water pump prices vary widely. You can obtain pumps from $75 - $5,000 or more. The real question about pricing starts with your application. How much do high pressure pumps cost that are designed for your specifications and needs. On the left side of the page are price ranges. If you have a sense of the range of prices your needs fall, you can filler our pumps by price. If you’re not sure, give us a call and we’ll help you find the right price range, and the right pump.


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  1. Pumptec

    Portable Toilet Service Sytem



    Series 356U - M60 Pump 12 Volt 0-700 PSI. Waterhorse 80729 PWK-713-12V.

    Includes unloader, gun, and inlet filter. Does NOT include hose. This electric pressure washer cleaner is one work horse in the pressure washing business and in power washing...

    12VDC pressure pump Learn More
  2. MTH Pumps

    Turbine Pump 3/4HP


    Mechanically sealled regenerative turbines for low flow high pressure applications. Serving a wide variety of markets and industries including boiler feed, condensate return, chillers / temperature controllers, refrigeration, petroleum, as well a...
  3. Myers Pumps

    Frame Mtd. 2 Stage



    Myers I2C, I2CI and I2CS Two-Stage Centrifugal pumps are designed and built for rugged continuous duty service. These high head (to 400 feet) medium capacity (to 140 GPM) are available in standard fitted (I2C), iron & bronze fitted (I2CI) epoxy...

  4. General Pump

    EZ 44 3plex 9.6hp Hollow Shaft


    EZ 44 E Triplex Plunger Pump with Hollow Shaft, Flanged for Direct Couple to Electric Motors (NEMA-184TC) - Forged brass manifold with an exclusive lifetime warranty.
    • Ideal for all pressure cleaning and washing applications
    • Solid ceramic plunger...
  5. portable fire pump kit high pressure water honda gas engine

    Koshin Pumps

    Portable Fire Pump Kit



    Portable Fire Pump Kit 5HP Honda Gas Engine High Pressure Water Pump, Hoses & Nozzle 

    Ready to pump water on fire or simply spray down house, roof and surrounding brush and trees. 

    High Pressure water Pump 2 inch Honda. Koshin Pump with Honda en...

    Pump w/hoses Learn More
  6. AMT Pumps

    MSV1 1 HP 9 stage pump


    Multistage Vertical booster pump. Commercial / industrial centrifugal pumps are non-self-priming (gravity feed) units designed to handle high-pressure low flow liquid transfer applications where no suction lift is required. Typical installatio...
    115/208-230V Learn More
  7. Oberdorfer Pumps

    N991 Oberdorfer Bronze gear pump & motor


    Oberdorfer Bronze gear pump & motor. 3/8" Pump housings and gears are made of top quality bronze; shafts are from stainless steel 303. Bearings are designed of high performance carbon-graphite material selected for wear resistance and long ser...
    115v 3/8" Learn More
  8. Berkeley Pumps

    SSHM-2-3P Sprinkler Turf AG Pump



    Sprinkler pump Irrigation pump High pressure pump.

    The Berkeley SSHM-2 Self-Priming Pump consistently delivers high pressure performance without priming problems and delays. 4 stage sprinkler pump. Designed for minimal electrical consumption and ...

    230/460v 3-Phase 4-Stage Learn More
  9. MTH Pumps

    12 Volt Wash Down Pump



    12 Volt Wash Down Pump

    12v DC pump, Superior 316SS construction, including impeller. Made to exceed OEM specifications for Pumper and Vac trucks. Replace original units on any truck. Mechanical Seal Box: The large seal chamber provides a wide flu...

    12v DC 1HP Learn More
  10. AMT Pumps

    High Volume SS Straight Centrifugal Pump



    AMT Stainless Steel Straight Centrifugal pump is designed for continuous duty high flow and high pressure applications including chemical processing, liquid transfer, cooling, pressure boosting, circulating and applications requiring contaminant f...

    1 HP 230v/460v HV Learn More
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