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Flooded Suction Pump

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  1. Webtrol

    2hp Booster Pump



    2hp Booster Pump

    Webtrol has been building Booster Pumps For over 35 years for various industrial, commercial and agricultural uses and has long been a leader in the Reverse Osmosis and Deionization Industry.Webtrol's commitment to quality is def...

    2HP CI 115/230v Learn More
  2. Pacer

    Plastic Corrosion Resistant pump PCE2AL-G.5C



    Plastic Corrosion Resistant Pump 1/2HP 1750RPM.

    PC Horizontal Pump

    All major pump parts are precision molded of tough, corrosion resistant glass-reinforced polyester, polypropylene, Ryton or Noryl thermoplastic. These high strength plastics prov...

    115/230v 1/2 HP Learn More
  3. Remco

    12v Demand Spray Pump



    12v Demand Spray Pump.

    1gpm 12v pump with On / Off switch. Economy Plus series. Far and away the best selling 12vdc pump in the industry. Choose from standard models or configure to meet the special needs of your OEM application. Replace Delevan ...

    12vdc On/Off switch 1gpm 40psi Learn More
  4. AMT Pumps

    Self Priming Centrifugal Pump



    1.5HP Self Priming Chemical Pump 115v /230v

    1.5" Self-priming centrifugal pump for circulating, liquid transfer and dewatering applications. This line of AMT Self-Priming Centrifugal pumps is designed for industrial and commercial applications re...

    1.5HP 115/230v Learn More
  5. AMT Pumps

    12 Volt DC Washdown Pump 12v



    12 Volt DC Washdown pumps

    Obsolete see new model to right. 12vdc are designed for OEM, Septic Service, Pumper and Marine applications requiring a DC motor. Wash-down pumps is specifically designed for filling sinks and toilets. The motor has a on...

    12vdc Cast Iron Learn More
  6. AMT Pumps

    SS 12V DC High Pressure Washdown pump



    Stainless Steel 12 Volt DC Washdown pumps

    12v are 316 Stainless, designed Septic Service, Pumper and Marine applications requiring a DC motor. High pressure pump. The motor has a one hour duty rating and is furnished with a grade 303 stainless st...

    Stainless Steel 12vDC Learn More
  7. Calpeda

    Coolant water pump

    CT61 03H36S


    Calpeda Pump: Turbine pump for clean liquids, Clear water pump, without abrasives, without suspended solids, non-explosive, non-aggressive for the pump materials. Heavy duty Peripheral pump. Works with high pressure soaker drip hoses irrigation, d...

    1/3HP 1" 230/460 Learn More
  8. March

    magdrive pump PP March 6



    Polypropylene Magdrive pump March 6,

    Centrifugal Horizontal Magnetic Coupled Pump .5 Hp. Magnetic coupled pumps are seal-less, providing for maintenance-free and leak-proof operation. The magnetic coupling acts as a clutch to provide overload pro...

    115/230v 1/2HP PolyPro Learn More
  9. Berkeley

    B3ZRMS Water Truck Pump



    Water Truck Pump B3ZRM Type B frame, Replaces Monarch NT3M9S-CW-V, mount pumps are designed for the user who has a separate power source suitable for driving through couplings or with belts. Ideal for general purpose applications requiring high pe...

    Call Special PRICE, CW Sealed Vic Std Learn More
  10. EBARA

    SS 2stage 2hp


    Ebara 2HP High head pump A2CDU70/206D3C, 304 Stainless Steel SS. 2 stage designed for the applications where a on stage centrifugal just can't develop the head or pressure needed for the job. Booster pump 2 HP, 3 phase ODP motor.

    *Note: Model ...

    2HP 230/460v ODP Learn More
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