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Dewatering Pumps for Sale

The terms Dewatering Pumps and Utility Pump are often used interchangeably by contractors and pump retailers. While any pump is technically dewatering, in that they are moving water from one location to another, within the industry, the term typically applies to certain applications.

Dewatering pumps tend to be used in temporary situations such as flooding or removing water from a construction site. Since most utility or dewatering pumps are intended to run for short amounts of time until the water is removed, and then turned off manually, they tend to not have automatic shutoff switches. However, we do have some submersible utility pumps with float switches.

Dewatering Pump Power sources

The power for the dewatering pumps can be supplied by gas, diesel or electric motors.

The horse power for dewatering pumps ranges from 1/6HP to 30HP. Our dewatering pumps are typically powered by Honda, Briggs, or Yanmar engines. Depending on the configuration, some engines have an electronic start.

Dewatering Pump Output Size

Dewatering pumps come in 1-1/2", 2" and 3" outlets. PumpBiz also provides hoses and quick release couplings for utility/dewatering pumps.


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  1. Monarch

    FBSDF-10RF Diesel Water Pump


    Call For Price
    Diesel water pump. Kohler 6.7 HP. Water pump with Diesel engine, 616929

    BSGF series of self priming engine driven pumps are general purpose pumps designed for liquid transfer and contractor dewatering using a semi open impeller. The semi-open ...

    2" Diesel Learn More
  2. AMT Pumps

    Portable 3" Solid Handling Pump Diesel


    20% Off Special Price $5,043.20 Regular Price $6,304.00

    Diesel gas engine solids handling pump. The AMT solids-handling pumps offer an upgraded debris handling capability up to 3/4" solids. Cast-iron construction. Applications include high-volume liquid / water transfer, irrigation, commercial draining...

    Hatz Diesel 7HP Electric Start Learn More
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