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20V Lithium Ion Spare Battery

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    20V Lithium Ion Spare Battery
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Model Number
20V Lithium Ion Spare Battery

Remco RBP-2005-BR

Spare battery for the PowerPro 20V Complete battery System
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Model Number RBP-2005-BR
part number 810042231467

Remco Professional Grade pumps.

Quality starts with our vision to produce fluid handling equipment that excels in performance and reliability, and surpasses the end user’s expectations.

Industry professionals choose Remco first because of our commitment to pro-level quality, engineering and customer service. 

 The Remco PowerRV Series provides a solution for every RV fluid pumping challenge, from potable water to gray and black water. 

Electric diaphragm demand pumps for fluid handling applications such as purification, light industrial, food and beverage, agricultural, and automotive.

Available in 12VDC, 24VDC, 115VAC