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Drum Barrel Pumps

Drum or Barrel pumps consist of both Centrifugal and Positive Displacement. Transfer any clean liquid. Available in 316 SS, Polypro, and PVDF and others. For acids, alkalies, solvents, liquids to 1.8 sg and 100,000 SSU/17,300cP. Hand, electric, EXPlosion proof and pneumatic air drive. Motor attaches to the pump tube so one motor can easily be used on several different pumps. This prevents fluid contamination. Nominal lengths of 12", 27, 39, 47, 60 and 72". Speed control knob, control the output flow and pressure. Batch control electronic flow meter keep track of fluid output and even shut down the motor at a preset amount. Hand operated, lab, high flow and high viscosity. Standard Drum Pump & FTI drum pump are made in the U.S.A. Adapter kit for small Air Operated Double Diaphragm AODD pumps for use with drums. Caution: ONLY SS metal drum pumps with air or EXP motors can be used to pump solvents and other flammable liquids. Bonding and grounding cables must be used. 

Chemical drum pumps made by Finish Thompson FTI, Standard.

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  1. Standard

    High Viscosity Drum Pump


    High Viscosity Drum Pump. 316SS Drum pump, high viscosity up to 100,000 CPS. SS316 construction, PTFE stator, 39". Engineered specifically for transferring viscous materials from drums and tanks commonly found in the industrial marketplace. The p...
  2. Standard

    High Viscosity Drum pump BUNA 47"


    Drum pump, high viscosity. SS316 construction, BUNA stator, immersion length for totes and carboys. 1.5" ( 38.1 mm) discharge. Max. Flow = 7 gpm. Max. Viscosity = 25,000 CPS. Available with both electric ODP or TEFC motors. Motors & pumps are ...
  3. Finish Thompson

    Pump with Motor

    BTS-40 M15

    The BT series is rated for mild corrosives and oils of high viscosity in applications which require high head. Use for pumping polymers, adhesives, oils, resins, etc. Features • Sealed • Tube interchangeable with motors • Easy disassembly for cle...
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