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Watchdog Battery Backup Sump Pump

Watchdog Basement sump pump emergency battery backup pump system. The standard by which other backup pump systems are compared. Protect your basement from flooding by installing a Basement Watchdog Backup Sump Pump by Glentronics. Choose from 3 sump pump systems and 4 batteries. Great for use in houses, plants, shipping bays.

This backup sump pump fits next to the main AC sump pump and automatically begins pumping during a power outage, when the main pump fails, or when water flow exceeds the capacity of the main pump. Its unique monitoring system sounds an alarm when maintenance is needed or a problem arises. New 2 year Watchdog Mfr. warranty. > Click for Watchdog Battery Model # 30HDC140S. Order separately.

IN STOCK AND SHIPS SAME DAY. Not for sewage or effluent. Sump pump. Also see the Water Alarm which is a simple 9v battery operated alarm that will sence water and activate a self contained buzzer.

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    Submersible Automatic Utility Pump with built in solid state (no moving parts) electronic level control (float switch) for un-attended automatic dewatering of nuisance water. Perfect as a sump pump for window wells, utility pump basement / cellar ...

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  2. Watchdog

    Emergency Sump Pump High flow

    BWS-12A 2200

    Emergency sump pump special system 2200 Gallons Per Hour, high flow. Backup Emergency sump pump special system. Pumps when water volume exceeds main pump capacity backup or when house power is loss emergency. Included float switch provides automa...
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  3. Watchdog

    Watchdog Big Dog Backup Sump Pump KIT


    Watchdog Big Dog complete KIT. Backup emergency and main sump pump Big Dog pumps 2200 GPH @ 10-ft lift to empty the sump pit in seconds. White pump (3500 GPH @ 0-ft lift). IN STOCK AND SHIPS SAME DAY. This unique AC / DC units works as the main...
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