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Pumptec 112T

Pumptec’s 12V DC spray pumps and systems make compact, efficient sprayers possible. With unmatched efficiency, Pumptec’s quiet pumps and systems replace gas engine-driven systems with 12V DC powered pumps to allow anywhere, anytime use. Sprayer pumps for up to 1.5GPM, 250PSI. See graph.

Teflon hard coated aluminum body, 304SS plunger, Teflon blend seals, Viton O-rings. Suitable for spray applications up to 120F. Connections are 1/4" NPT.

• Compact Size • High-Pressure • High-Efficiency • Long Life • Serviceability • Design Flexibility


EFFICIENCY: The plunger type design of the 113 is the most efficient way possible to pressurize water. PUMPTEC™ efficiency produces up to 20% more pressure or flow for a given power input compared to some competitors’ pumps.

MAINTENANCE & SIMPLICITY: Factory lubricated for maintenance free performance. The only tool needed to completely disassemble the pump to its basic components is a simple hex wrench.

DURABILITY: Exclusive use of premium materials. All metallic wetted parts (except body) are stainless steel. The specialty coated aluminum body insures corrosion resistance for long life.

VERSATILITY: Flow and pressure can be optimized to exactly match power input to nozzle size by customer selection of the precise eccentric offset.

Pumptec 112T

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