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Flood Free Electronic Level Control Pumps

Sump pump electronic float switch. Flood Free Electronic Sump pump level control and alarms. Universal replacements of all types of sump pump float switch controls. Flood Free pump switch can upgrade any manual pump to an automatic operation with optional high level alarm. Units are available for alternating operation also.

No floats to get stuck, only uses probe wire.

Floodfree Switch Eliminates pump damage due to defective float or diaphragm controls.

Floating debris will not affect Floodfree operation. Click here for PumpGuard.

Floodfree switch was designed because of the unreliability of some sump pump floats or diaphragm switches. The number one cause of basement flooding is due to float control failure. Floats get stuck, float switches fail, and rubber gets stiff and dry rotted. All of these inhibit operation. Flood free switch lets you determine the high and low water levels; you choose the amount of water to let into the sump (high water level) as well as the amount of water you let out (low level).

Oil busting circuitry means it will see water or be oil smart so it can sense the presence of oil. This is a typical need in elevator pits. For other pump float level control switches click here.

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    Flood Free Switch FF-98-II

    FF-98 Floodfree

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3 Item(s)