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VKC10 Vertical Mag Drive Pump 70gpm

Vertical Mag Drive Pump by Finish Thompson Using rare-earth Neodymium magnets, VERTIMAG chemcial pumps achieves a truly sealless, vertical pump design free of wetted shaft bearings. Vertical chemical pump completely sealed, air tight column and the absence of a secondary / back impeller prevent aeration (virtually eliminating micro-bubbles in PCB plating aplications) and the release of fugitive environmental emissions.VERTIMAG answers conventional vertical pump applications within a wide range of operating conditions. The patented VERTIMAG is a durable performer with low maintenance requirements.Features
  • Magnetic drive
  • Non-aerating
  • Reduced environmental emissions
  • No wetted shaft bearings
  • Mounts inside or outside of tank
  • Polypropylene or PVDF construction
  • Accepts standard NEMA or IEC motors
  • Modular build: in 6" increments from 12" (30cm) to 60" (152cm)
  • Up to 1.8 specific gravity
  • Single impeller with sealed column prevents aeration
  • Fluid is safely pumped without releasing fumes
  • Available in VKC Series 5.5,6,8,10,and 11 01287663 01287689 01287705 01287721 01287747 01287754 01287762 01287770 01287804 01287804 0187812 01287838 01287846 01287861 01287903 01287929
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  1. Finish Thompson Pumps (FTI)

    Vertical chemical pump


    Vertical chemical pump. New, patented VERTIMAG from FTI incorporates a rare-earth (neodymium) magnetic coupling to eliminate intermediate seals or bearings and achieve superior run-dry capability. Molded components with o-ring protection reduce...
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