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UC Sealless ANSI Chemical Pump 325gpm

Finish Thompson ANSI / ANSI B73.1M dimensional Chemical Process mag drive pumps.

Engineered for EXTREME reliabilty in chemical processes.

The ULTRAchem pumps are rugged CI shells with a solid Tefzel fluoropolymer for the most demanding chemical resistance. Rare earth neodymium magnetic coupling provides reliable torque for liquids up to 1.8 sg and up to 20 HP. Available in 3 casing sizes, multiple impeller trims. All Finish Thompson chemical pumps mount to NEMA or IEC motors.

Shaft is solid sintered silicon carbide and is replaceable.Impeller and liner feature carbon-fiber filled Tefzel for strength and chemical resistance.Various magnetic couplings and impeller heads are available to match your chemical application.

For a cut-a-way view, click on the "Outline Drawing" link to the right.

FTI is a world leader in the advanced design of magnetic coupled chemical pumps.

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  1. Finish Thompson Pumps (FTI)

    ULTRAchem ANSI DIM. Mag Drive pump w/ 7.5hp motor


    Tefzel lined ANSI / ANSI B73.1 Casing dimensional Magnetic coupled process pump. Sealless. Powerful neodymium magnets, no seals to replace. The modified concentric volute equalizes pressure across the entire flow range allowing minimal hydrauli...
    7.5HP/3ph Learn More
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