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KC Magnetic Sealless Pumps

FTI Design Advantages

The superior FTI design offers many performance advantages over traditional ceramic mag pumps. The unique application of small rare earth magnets, carbon bushings, and spindle design contribute to an unmatched extended run-dry capability. The cantilevered design of the ceramic spindle provides added impact resistance reducing breakage, friction losses, and heat build-up. Rugged polypropylene or PVDF housings provide excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.

Rare-Earth-Magnet Advantages

Neodymium rare-earth magnets increase pump operating life. Incredible magnetic power handles high specific gravity with no impeller trimming. Smaller magnet size allows a lighter weight rotating impeller while increasing performance. FTI rotating parts are 1/7th the weight of conventional ceramic magnetic pumps.

User Advantages

The integrity of FTI’s magnetic technology application, coupled with expert thermoplastic mold engineering, provides reliable, uninterrupted pump performance unachievable in ceramic mag pumps. Extended run-dry capability, decreased downtime, and product reliability are sound economic advantages for KC Series users.


  • Run dry capability 24 hrs. or more for KC5.5 through KC11, 10 minutes for KC22/32. Under a minute for KC3, 4 , 5.
  • Specific gravities to 1.8
  • Accepts standard NEMA 56C, 145TC, 184TC, 213TC or IEC metric motors(excludes KC3, 4 & 5)
  • Modular design for component interchangeability
  • Unmatched coupling strength
  • Chemical resistant polypropylene or PVDF materials
  • No environmental contamination
  • Discharge port o-ring available on selected models
  • Temperatures: PP – 180ºF (82ºC), PVDF – 220ºF (104ºC)