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Sewage Pump Consumer

Sewage pumps also called Effluent pumps, submersible for Home use, consumer. 115 and 230v single phase, 12vdc, with or without level switches. Non-clog sewage pumps also come in packaged systems with basin and rails. Effluent pumps or gray water pumps are slightly different in design and while handling smaller size solids they are used in septic systems, sump pits which do not have a toilet connected. Grinder Pumps are sewage pumps with grinder blades to reduce solids. Grinder sewage pumps start at 2HP. Sewage pump Brands: Barnes, Little Giant, Barmesa, Myers, Ebara, Jabsco. 

Sewage Effluent pumps for Industrial / Commercial use or larger sizes.

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  1. Barmesa

    Submersible 3" Sewage Pump 1HP



    Barmesa submersible 3" sewage pump.

    460v Submersible NON-CLOG pump, 2" spherical solids handling. 25 ft. cord. All cast iron. Impeller Design: open, double vane.Material: cast iron ASTM A-48 class 30, dynamically balanced, ISO G6.3. 

    Barmesa 3BS...

    460/v/3 1HP Learn More
  2. Little Giant

    16S-CIM Sewage Ejector pump


    514730: 16S-CIM Sewage Ejector pump. Submersible Sewage Ejector Pump 460V/60Hz (380V/50Hz), 20' Power Cord Without Plug, Three-Phase
    1 HP 460/380V Learn More
  3. Little Giant



    Submersible High Head Effluent Pump 460/380V, Manual, 20' Power Cord Without Plug, Three-Phase
    460V 60HZ/380V 50HZ 20FT 3PH Learn More
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