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  1. March Pumps

    10 Magdrive March pump

    TE-10K-MD 3PH 10HP


    TE-10 Magdrive March pump for Acids

    March acid pump series 10 magdrive pump. Kynar PVDF magnetic coupled pump. March pump is the industry leader in selection and value in acid, chemical and process pumps or the magnetic drive sealless type. March...

  2. Finish Thompson Pumps (FTI)

    ULTRAchem ANSI DIM. Mag Drive pump w/ 7.5hp motor


    Tefzel lined ANSI / ANSI B73.1 Casing dimensional Magnetic coupled process pump. Sealless. Powerful neodymium magnets, no seals to replace. The modified concentric volute equalizes pressure across the entire flow range allowing minimal hydrauli...
    7.5HP/3ph Learn More
  3. Finish Thompson Pumps (FTI)

    Magnetically Sealed Pump


    Magdrive sealless pumps designed for chemical processing and the highest level of reliability.

    All series KC pumps from FTI feature Neodymium Rare-Earth magnets. The resultant superior benefits over traditional ceramic mag pumps include:

    RUN DRY ...

  4. RS Corcoran

    Titanium Pump Centrifugal Chemical

    3000D 5HP

    Industrial chemical pump made out of superior Titanium alloy. High efficiency impeller with mechanical seal.
    • Titanium construction completely
    • End suction with ANSI 150LB Flanges
    Titanium submersible pump click here.
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