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Irrigation Sprinkler Pump

When considering a sprinkler or irrigation pump for lawns, gardens, and fields there are a couple of factors that influence a pump’s performance. The first is the power of the pump which is controlled by the motor. A bigger motor with higher horsepower means greater volume and greater pressure. The second factor is the size of the impeller. A larger impeller in a smaller case creates higher pressure. But using more pressure than is required by the system leads to wasted energy. And an efficient system is crucial when selecting an irrigation pump.

Irrigation pumps come in many sizes from 10gpm up to 100's gpm, from 1/2HP up to 30HP, all voltages and many leading brands. Berkeley, AMT, Sta-rite, Starite, Myers, Wayne and many more.

Irrigation and sprinkler pump sizing is only a call away 800-PumpBiz (786-7249). Let one of our Application Engineers help you size and select the correct pump. We can also help you with all the accessories from strainers, hoses and control panels.

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  1. Pedrollo Pumps

    Multistage High Pressure pump


    10% Off Special Price $637.78 Regular Price $708.64
    Multistage High Pressure pump. As a result of their quietness, these Pearl pumps are widely used in domestic applications such as the distribution of water in combination with small and medium sized pressure sets, and for the irrigation of gard...
    1/2HP 115v Learn More
  2. Flotec Pumps

    Portable Sprinkler Pump


    Sprinkler Booster pump. Ideal for boosting pressure to car, boats & farm equipment. Run three sprinklers from city water or from lakes or ponds. Will boost city water pressure up an additional 30 pounds (psi). Self priming, portable (15lbs). In...
    115v 1/2HP Learn More
  3. Pedrollo Pumps

    Shallow Well Water Pump 1/2HP


    Shallow well pump, booster pump service. Water well pump for shallow wells of less than 25FT. Includes pressure switch 30-50psi. Self priming jet pump, high pressure / head. Robust and efficient pump with a Cast Iron and Aluminium combination. Pe...
    Lawn sprinkler pump and booster often also. 115v Learn More
  4. Munro Pumps

    Puddle Pro Pump 1/2HP


    FSR Dewatering Pump is especially designed for continuous duty with stable operating performance to carry dirty or clean water. Motor has ball bearings top & bottom. The FSR400 requires no priming, suction hose or foot valve. Simply submerge the ...
    115v Learn More
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