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Gas Generators Portable Backup

Gas Generators Portable Backup

Pumpbiz offers a wide selection of portable gas generators for residential or contractor use. Gas generators are often used for emergency power during storms for sump pumps, refrigerators and lights. Our selection ranges from 1kw to 30kw. Contractors frequently use generators for portable tools, pumps and lighting. Propane generator allows both LPG or regular gas to be used. Conversion kits added to the generator to allow Propane operation. Many on Sale.

Honda powered Portable Generators by Yamaha, Mi-T-M, Koshin and Tsurumi  brands.

Yamaha & Mi-T-M premium generators feature inverter brushless designs for clean, quiet efficient operation. Inverter style generators can be used with sensitive electronics. The produce "clean" power. Refer to the Engineering Tables on generator sizing.

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  1. Mi-T-M

    3000-Watt Gasoline Generator Inverter



    3000-Watt Gasoline Inverter generator, 3KW

    Smaller, lighter, quieter and more efficient than other conventional generators, the power of a Mi-T-M inverter generator is ultra-clean and in a form that can be used to power sensitive electronic equi...

    3KW Inverter Learn More
  2. Koshin Pumps

    Koshin Generator 3.3KW



    The Koshin GV-3300i is a 3 kVA, inverter, gasoline-powered generator that is designed for use in emergencies, disaster preparedness, and other situations where a reliable source of power is needed. It has a 2.2 gallon fuel tank that provides up to...

  3. Mi-T-M

    Portable Gas Generator



    Portable Gas Generator, 3600 watts. IN STOCK

    Choremaster - Larger than an inverter, this generator is perfect for contractor tools and providing power during electrical outages. 3000 watts continuous.

    • Receptacles

      (2) 120V, 20A GFCI Duplex; ...

    3,6KW Learn More
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