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Condensate Pump

Condensate Pumps used for collecting and discharge of condensation water from furnace humidifiers and de-humidifiers. Condensate pumps for residential and commercial applications include a collection tank and pump with automatically discharge the liquid to drain.

Condensate Return Pumps used on boilers. Electric pumps for your condensate return needs. MTH condensate return pumps are quality pumps made in USA.

Condensate pumps are designed to collect condensed liquid at remote locations in a steam system and move it to the boiler room. Condensate can be driven by either electricity or steam. Motor-driven pumps typically have centrifugal-type pumps and include controls that de-energize the pump when water level in the receiver is low.

Condensate Pump

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  1. AMT Pumps

    Cast Iron Pedestal Pump 2HP


    AMT Straight CI Pedestal pumps are designed for continuous-duty OEM, Industrial/Commercial and processing applications including circulation, chemical processing, liquid transfer, heating and cooling. The high head models are ideal for sprinkl...
    Ped, 1-1/4x1" Cast Iron

    20% Off Regular Price: $499.00

    Special Price $399.20

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  2. Little Giant



    VCMA20ULST Automatic Condensate removal pump system with safety switch. UL approved. 1/2 gallon (2qt) leak proof high impact ABS tank. Fully automatic. 3 inlet drain holes. Removable 3/8" barbed check valve. 20 ft. of 3/8" ID tubing. 6 ft. powe...
    UL Safety Switch 20FT Tubing
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  3. Little Giant



    Little GIANT Small Submersible pumps are designed for continous circulation of statuary fountains. Made with some of the industry's most durable materials, our pumps reach peak performance when completely submerged.. Same performance + to 1P807.

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  4. Tramco

    Industrial Sump Pump 9FT

    2501-2A3 Industrial sump pump

    Industrial Sump Pump. Vertical Column Water Sump Pumps are true heavy duty designs for long life. 9 foot model for 10FT deep pit with 1hp. Pump mounted on 20" diameter solid steel cover. Industrial pedestal sump pump.  

    The Series 2500 is a centr...

    1HP 115/230v
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  5. Little Giant



    Little Giant 503186, Model 3E-12NT , Direct Drive Pump, 1/15 HP, 115 Volts, 1/2" MNPT Discharge,.

    Features. Submersed or in-line use, water transfer or recirculation, water displays, air conditioners and machine tool coolants

    • Epoxy coated die-...
    115v 10' cord
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  6. RIM-U Ice Machine pump RIM-U Ice Machine pump

    Little Giant

    RIM-U Ice Machine pump


    Ice Machine Universal OEM Replacement pump 115v by Little Giant,

    Commercial ice machine universal replacement water pump. For the various flow ranges to match OEM pumps, see the Rim-U pump flow performance chart.

    Dual voltage (115/230 V, 50/60 H...

    Universal OEM Replacement pump 115v

    45% Off Regular Price: $143.00

    Special Price $79.00

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  7. Tramco

    Heavy Duty Sump Pump 3FT


    3FT Commercial sump pump. Tramco Vertical Column Water Sump Pumps are true heavy duty designs for long life in commercial applications. 36" model with 1/2 hp 1725 rpm motor. Includes a 18" diameter solid steel cover plate and discharge pipe.
    1/2HP, 1phase 36"
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  8. PumpBiz


    Z24800A1Z Level Switch

    LevelGuard™ Home Sump Pump Control level switch introduces solid-state Field-Effect sensing technology to the pump and plumbing industries. LevelGuard Home Sump Controls use Field-Effect technology to detect the presence of water in resi...

    Electronic Sump Pump switch 115v
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  9. VCMA-15ULS Condensate Pump VCMA-15ULS Condensate Pump

    Little Giant

    VCMA-15ULS Condensate Pump


    Condensate removal pump system from Little Giant with safety switch. 1/2 gallon ABS tank, and SS shaft. UL listed. 6ft power cord. The VCMA Series is a fully automatic condensate removal pump. The series features a vertical-type pump with stain...
    UL safety switch

    36% Off Regular Price: $101.00

    Special Price $65.00

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  10. MTH Pumps

    Turbine Pump 3/4HP


    Mechanically sealled regenerative turbines for low flow high pressure applications. Serving a wide variety of markets and industries including boiler feed, condensate return, chillers / temperature controllers, refrigeration, petroleum, as well a...
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