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Chiller Pumps

Chiller Pumps in a wide range of chiller and cooling tower pump brands, size and materials.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential

  • Air Conditioning
  • Oil Cooling
  • Injection Molding Cooling
  • Plating Process Cooling
  • Welding Machine Cooling
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning
  • Laser Cooling
  • Dry Cleaning Machine Cooling
  • Jacket Cooling
  • Water-Cooled Condenser Cooling
  • Photo Process Cooling
  • Rocket Fuel Cooling

Medical & Pharmaceutical

  • M.R.I Magnet Cooling
  • Operating Room Air Conditioning
  • P.E.T Scan Cooling
  • X-Ray Developer Cooling
  • C.A.T. Scan Cooling
  • Lab Testing
  • Hypothermia Blankets

Food & Beverage

  • Bakery Cooling
  • Brewery Cooling
  • Winery Cooling
  • Drinking Water Fountain Cooling
  • Batch Cooling
  • Fruit and Vegetable Washing
  • Ice Machine Pre-Cooling




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  1. AMT Pumps

    2HP Electric Stainless Pump


    23% Off Special Price $1,104.95 Regular Price $1,435.00

    5033-98 2HP Electric Stainless Pump

    is designed for continuous duty high head pressure OEM, industrial / commercial and general service applications including circulation, chemical processing, liquid transfer, cooling, sprinkler / fire protection...

    2HP 230/460v Learn More
  2. Serfilco



    Centrifugal Horizontal Magnetic Coupled Pump .75 HpCentrifugal Horizontal Magnetic Coupled Pump .75 Hp Series D magnetic coupled pumps are seal-less, providing for maintenance-free and leak-proof operation. The magnetic coupling acts as a clutch ...
  3. Webtrol

    Corrosion Resistant Pump


    Webtrol PC Series Centrifugal pump iscompletely corrosion resistantthrough the use of 316 stainlesssteel and high impact, glass reinforced Noryl. The compact,light weight design of the PC Series Centrifugal makes it ideal for cabinet installati...
    3/4HP 115/230 TEFC Learn More
  4. Webtrol

    Corrosion Resistant Pump


    • Glass Reinforced Noryl
    • Close coupled
    • Ability to rotate the discharge in 90 degree increments.
    • 316 stainless steel impeller insert & wear ring
  5. Webtrol

    Corrosion Resistant Pump


    • Glass Reinforced Noryl
    • Close coupled
    • Ability to rotate the discharge in 90 degree increments.
    • 316 stainless steel
  6. Webtrol

    SS Booster Pump

    M10B26 S16-3PHT

    Webtrol has been building Booster Pumps For over 35 years for various industrial, commercial and agricultural uses and has long been a leader in the Reverse Osmosis and Deionization Industry.Webtrol's commitment to quality is defined in the const...
  7. AMT Pumps

    High Pressure Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump


    High pressure - head Centrifugal Pump. Designed for continuous duty, high pressure, high flow, general service water circulation and transfer (boosting water in high rise apartments, hotels & office buildings, circulation of hot & chilled water...
    1HP 3-Phase TEFC motor Learn More
  8. AMT Pumps

    MSV1 3HP 23 stage pump


    23% Off Special Price $1,455.30 Regular Price $1,890.00
    Multistage Vertical booster pump. Commercial / industrial centrifugal pumps are non-self-priming (gravity feed)units designed to handle high-pressure low flow liquid transfer applications where no suction lift is required. Typical installation...
    1hp, 208-230V 1P Learn More
  9. Barmesa

    IB11/2-3-2-1 Center Line Discharge


    20% Off Special Price $2,056.80 Regular Price $2,571.00

    Center Line Discharge End-Suction Centrifugal Pump.

    Commercial duty pumps featuring centerline discharge for easy inline plumbing and retrofit to other OEM pumps often used on chillers, cooling towers. Top centerline discharge similar to many ANS...

    3HP 115/230v Learn More
  10. AMT Pumps

    Cast Iron Heavy Duty High Flow Centrifugal


    AMT Industrial Straight Centrifugal pumps are suited for liquid and chemical transfer, brine heating and cooling, re-circulation, booster service and other industrial applications. Semi-open impeller features self-cleaning ability that makes th...
    230v/1 5HP TEFC Cast Iron Learn More
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