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AMT Pump to Grainger Pump Cross Reference

Grainger use to private label (have custom made) pumps from AMT which were made in the USA. A decade ago Grainger decided to have copies of the original American made pumps made by others and produced in Asia and now India. Most of these pumps are direct copies. We at PumpBiz feel this change in manufacturing and business values should be of interest to users wanting a quality product still made in the USA. The AMT parts will fit the TEEL pumps and will replace and perform the same as the Teel or Dayton brands.

                                                              Teel pumps and now

Dayton pumps

AMT PART NO. (Made In USA) DESCRIPTION OLD TEEL WWG American (AMT) Made # Dayton Cross Refrence to WWG Asia sourcing #
2760-99 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 1P895  
2761-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 1P897 4UA76
2761-98 XSS S-Prm Cent.*   4UA75
2762-95 XCI S-Prm Cent. 1P896  
2763-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 1P955 4UA77
2820-98 XSS S-Prm Cent.* 5ZT17  
2820-99 PED-XCI S-Prm Cent.* 1P746  
2821-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 3P553 4UA71
2821-98 XSS S-Prm Cent.* 5ZT18 4UA72
2822-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 1P954 4UA73
2822-98 XSS S-Prm Cent.* 5ZT19 4UA74
2825-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 3P552 4UA69
2825-98 XSS S-Prm Cent.* 5ZT20 4UA70
2826-95 XCI S-Prm. Cent.   4UA64
2827-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 3P551 4UA67
2827-98 XSS S-Prm Cent.* 5ZT21 4UA68
2828-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 1P851  
2828-98 XSS S-Prm Cent.* 5ZT22  
2850-95 1-1/2" Dewatering 1P855  
2850-99 PED-1-1/2" Dewatering* 1P884  
2851-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 3P577 4UA63
2851-96 XA S-Prm Cent. 1P862  
2852-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 1P852  
2853-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 1P853  
2855-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 1P854  
2856-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 1P952  
2857-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 1P953  
2858-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 5ZT23  
2874-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 3P705, 12N814 4UA78
2875-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 3P706 4UA79
2876-95 XCI S-Prm Cent.* 3P707 4UA80
2950-95 1/2HP POOL PUMP 1P856  
2951-95 3/4HP POOL PUMP 1P857  
2952-95 1HP POOL PUMP 1P858  
3100-96 3" Engine Driven Trash 3P601  
3100-99 PED-3" Engine Driven Trash* 3P609  
3104-96 3" Engine Driven Trash* 3P655  
3150-95 St Centrifugal* 3P604 1TMU5
3150-98 St Centrifugal* 5ZT24  
3151-95 St Centrifugal* 3P606 1TMU6
3151-98 St Centrifugal* 5ZT25  
3152-94 St Centrifugal* 3P737  
3152-95 St Centrifugal* 3P608 1TMU8
3152-98 St Centrifugal* 5ZT26 1TMV1
3154-95 St Centrifugal* 3P605  
3155-95 St Centrifugal* 3P607  
3156-95 St Centrifugal 5ZT27  
3156-98 St Centrifugal 5ZT28  
315A-95 St Centrifugal 5ZT29  
315A-98 St Centrifugal 5ZT30  
3160-95 2" Solids Handling* 1P869  
3160-96 2" Solids Handling 3P526  
3161-95 1-1/2" Solids Handling 1P868  
3161-96 1-1/2" Solids Handling 3P525  
3162-95 2" Solids Handling 1P950  
3163-95 2" Engine Driven Trash* 1V256  
3168-95 2" Solids Handling* 5ZT33  
316A-95 XCI Sewage/Trash* 4XX78 4YU36
316B-95 XCI Sewage/Trash* 4XX79 4YU37
316F-95 2" Dredge Pump* 6XZ24  
3201-96 Laundry Tray* 1P795, 5PXX9  
3270-96 3" Solids Handling* 3P600  
327A-95 3" Solids Handling* 5ZT31  
3353-96 Diaphragm 3P681  
335A-96 Diaphragm 3P613  
335H-96 Diaphragm 4TA88  
3.35E-94 Diaphragm 3P682  
3390-96 3" Solids Handling* 3P582  
3390-99 PED-3" Solids Handling* 2P015  
3394-96 3" Solids Handling* 3P656  
3424-95 2" XCI Dewatering FKM GC Honda* 5ZT32  
3655-95 Sprinkler/Booster 5HP* 3P704  
3656-95 Sprinkler/Booster 7.5HP* 3P703  
3670-94 Bronze Marine* 3P736  
3680-95 1/3HP St Elec Cent. 1P831  
3680-97 1/3HP St Elec Cent.* 1P787  
3680-98 1/3HP St Elec Cent.* 1V258  
3682-97 PED-St Elec Cent. 1P796  
3682-98 PED-St Elec Cent.* 1V261  
3690-95 1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.* 1P935  
3690-97 1-1/2HP St Elec Cent. 1P791  
3690-98 1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.* 1V265  
3691-95 1HP St Elec Cent.* 1P834  
3691-97 1HP St Elec Cent. 1P790  
3691-98 1HP St Elec Cent. 1V267  
3692-95 1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.* 1P837  
3692-97 1-1/2HP St Elec Cent. 1P793  
3692-98 1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.* 1V269  
3694-97 PED-1-1/2HP St Elec Cent. 1P798  
3694-98 PED-1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.* 1V271  
369C-95 1 HP TEFC ST. CENT. XCI   2ZWP3
369C-97 1 HP TEFC ST. CENT. XB   2ZWR7
369C-98 1 HP TEFC ST. CENT. XSS   2ZWU2
369F-95 1 HP TEFC ST. CENT. XCI   2ZWP4
369F-97 1 HP TEFC ST. CENT. XB   2ZWR8
369F-98 1 HP TEFC ST. CENT. XSS   2ZWU3
3700-95 3/4HP St Elec Cent.* 1P833  
3700-97 3/4HP St Elec Cent.* 1P789  
3700-98 3/4HP St Elec Cent.* 1V275  
3701-95 1/2HP St Elec Cent.* 1P832  
3701-97 1/2HP St Elec Cent. 1P788  
3701-98 1/2HP St Elec Cent. 1V277  
3702-95 3/4HP St Elec Cent.* 1P836  
3702-97 3/4HP St Elec Cent.* 1P792  
3702-98 3/4HP St Elec Cent.* 1V279  
3704-97 PED-3/4HP St Elec Cent. 1P797  
3704-98 PED-3/4HP St Elec Cent.* 1V281  
370B-95 1/2 HP TEFC St. Cent. XCI   2ZWN9
370B-97 1/2 HP TEFC St. Cent. XB   2ZWR4
370B-98 1/2 HP TEFC St. Cent. XSS   2ZWT8
3790-95 Sprinkler/Booster* 2P004  
3791-95 Sprinkler/Booster* 2P005  
3792-95 Sprinkler/Booster* 2P006  
3793-95 Sprinkler/Booster* 2P104  
3797-95 Sprinkler/Booster* 1V285  
3824-99 2" Dewatering* 1P985  
3825-99 2" Dewatering* 4TA87  
3828-90 EPDM Seal Kit 1R320  
3828-99 Polyester Pump 3.5HP 1P986  
3829-99 2" Dewatering Buna w/Frame 3P957  
382A-99 2" Dewatering Buna GC Honda* 5ZT34  
3880-97 1-1/2" S-Prm Elec Spa/Pool* 1P996  
3881-97 1-1/2" S-Prm Elec Spa/Pool* 1P997  
3882-97 1-1/2" S-Prm Elec Spa/Pool* 1P998  
3883-97 1-1/2" S-Prm Elec Spa/Pool* 2P091  
3884-97 1-1/2" S-Prm Elec Spa/Pool* 2P092  
3890-97 1-1/2"S-Prm Cent.* 2P373 4TE28,2ZXP9
3890-98 1-1/2"S-Prm Cent.* 2P121 4TE23, 2ZXR8
3890-99 56C Pedestal 2P422  
3891-97 1-1/2"S-Prm Cent. 2P374 4TE29, 2ZXR4
3891-98 1-1/2"S-Prm Cent. 2P122 4TE24, 2ZXT3
3891-99 56J Pedestal 2P486  
3892-97 1-1/2"S-Prm Cent. 2P375 4TE30, 2ZXR1
3892-98 1-1/2"S-Prm Cent. 2P123 4TE25,2ZXR9
3893-97 1-1/2"S-Prm Cent. 2P376 4TE31, 2ZXR5
3893-98 1-1/2"S-Prm Cent. 2P124 4TE26,2ZXT4
3894-97 1-1/2"S-Prm Cent.* 2P377 4TE32,2ZXR7
3894-98 1-1/2"S-Prm Cent.* 2P125 4TE27, 2ZXT6
3930-95 2" Engine Driven Trash* 2P333  
3932-95 2" Engine Driven Trash* 3P956  
3933-95 2" Engine Driven Trash 3P958  
393A-95 XCI Sewage/Trash* 4XX80 4YY38
393B-95 XCI Sewage/Trash 4XX81  
3941-96 3" Engine Driven Trash* 3P712  
394A-95 XCI Sewage/Trash* 4XX82 4YY39
394B-95 XCI Sewage/Trash 4XX83  
394C-95 XCI Sewage/Trash* 4XX84 4YY40
394D-95 XCI Sewage/Trash 4XX85  
3950-96 1-1/2" High Pressure Cent.* 2P008  
3960-96 1-1/2" High Pressure Cent.* 2P007  
3993-96 4" Engine Driven Trash* 3P653  
3994-96 4" Engine Driven Trash* 3P955  
399A-95 XCI Sewage/Trash* 4XX86 4YY41
5239-95 Sump* 3P544,3XU84  
523A-95 Sump 4P029,3XU87  
5239-97 Sump* 3P545,3XU85  
523A-97 Sump 4P031,3XU88  
4020-95 Sump* 3P546,3XU83  
4021-98 Sump* 3P649, 3XU86  
4022-95 Sump 4P033,3XU89  
4210-96 4" Engine Driven Trash* 3P654  
4222-95 2" Dewatering* 1P913  
4222-V5 2" Dewatering 1P946  
4223-V5 2" Dewatering* 2P103  
4230-97 Coolant* 1P295 4JPG4
4231-97 Coolant* 1P630 4JPG5
4240-95 St Centrifugal* 4P939  
4240-98 St Centrifugal* 5ZT35  
4250-95 St Centrifugal* 4P940  
4250-98 St Centrifugal* 5ZT36 4ZA46
4251-95 St Centrifugal* 4P941  
4251-98 St Centrifugal* 5ZT37  
4260-95 St Centrifugal* 3P663  
4260-98 St Centrifugal* 5ZT38  
4261-94 St Centrifugal* 3P738  
4261-95 St Centrifugal* 3P664  
4261-98 St Centrifugal* 5ZT39  
4292-96 1" S-Prm Centrifugal* 2P390  
4294-98 1" S-Prm Centrifugal* 2P485  
4298-98 1" S-Prm Centrifugal* 4P909  
4381-96 1" Dewatering* 1V287 DISC.
4410-90 Mounting Bracket* 3P948 4JPH2
4410-95 Coolant* 3P949 4JPH3
4411-95 Coolant* 3P950 4JPH4
4420-90 Mounting Bracket* 3P947 4JPH1
4421-95 Coolant 3P945 4JPG8
4422-95 Coolant* 3P946 4JPG9
4430-95 Coolant 3P943 4JPG6
4431-95 Coolant 3P944 4JPG7
4440-95 Coolant 3P952  
4441-95 Coolant 3P953  
4442-95 Coolant 3P951 4JPH5
4443-95 Coolant* 3P954 4JPH6
4530-99 Basket Strainer* 1P999  
4660-99 Hand Pump* 2P684  
4661-99 Hand Pump* 2P683 DISC.
4780-95 Sprinkler/Booster* 2P852  
4782-95 Sprinkler/Booster* 1V289  
4785-95 Sprinkler/Booster 1V294  
4786-95 Sprinkler/Booster 1V296  
4788-95 1-1/2" High Pressure Cent.(2Stage) 1V298 DISC.
4789-95 1-1/2" High Pressure Cent.(2Stage)* 5ZT40  
4820-95 Hand Pump* 2P093,4HA34  
4850-97 S-Prm Marine* 4P888  
4860-97 Bronze Marine*   4P062
4890-95 High Head St Centrifugal*   4TU55, 1N538, 2ZXJ5
4890-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX87 4TU27, 2ZXA1
4890-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V300 2ZXK8
4891-95 High Head St Centrifugal   4TU56, 1N537, 2ZXJ6
4891-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX88 4TU28, 2ZXA2
4891-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V302 4TU16, 2ZXK9
4893-95 High Head St Centrifugal*   4TU57, 1N542, 2ZXJ1
4893-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX89 4TU29, 2ZWZ6
4893-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V304 4TU17, 2ZXK4
4894-95 High Head St Centrifugal*   4TU58, 1N541,2ZXJ2, 2ZWP2
4894-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX90 4TU30, 2ZWZ7
4894-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V306 4TU18, 2ZXK5
4895-95 High Head St Centrifugal*   4TU59, 1N540, 2ZXJ3
4895-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX91 4TU31, 2ZWZ8
4895-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V308 4TU19, 2ZXK6
4896-95 High Head St Centrifugal   4TU60, 1N539
4896-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX92 4TU32, 2ZXJ4, 2ZWZ9
4896-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V310 4TU20, 2ZXK7
4897-97 PED-High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX93  
4897-98 PED-High Head St Centrifugal* 1V312  
489A-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX94 4TU33
489A-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX95 4TU23
489B-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX96 4TU35
489B-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX97  
489C-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX98 4TU37
489C-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XX99 4TU38
489D-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ01 4TU39
489D-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ02 4TU40
4900-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ03 4TU41
4900-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V314 4TU21
4901-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ04 4TU42
4901-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V316 4TU22
4902-95 High Head St Centrifugal*   4TU67, 1N514, 2ZXJ7
4902-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ05 4TU43,2ZXA3
4902-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V318 2ZXL1
4903-95 High Head St Centrifugal*   4TU68, 1N513, 2ZXJ8
4903-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ06 4TU44, 2ZXA4
4903-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V320 2ZXL2
4904-95 High Head St Centrifugal   4TU69, 1N512
4904-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ07 4TU45
4904-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V322 4TU25
4905-95 High Head St Centrifugal*   4TU70, 1N511
4905-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ08 4TU46
4905-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 1V324 4TU26
4906-97 PED-High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ09  
4906-98 PED-High Head St Centrifugal* 1V326 N/A
490A-95 High Head St Centrifugal   2ZXK2
490A-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ10 4TU47, 2ZXA7
490A-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ11 4TU48, 2ZXL5
490B-95 High Head St Centrifugal   2ZXK3
490B-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ12 4TU49, 2ZXA8
490B-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ13 4TU50, 2ZXL6
490C-95 High Head St. Centrifigal   2ZXJ9
490C-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ14 4TU51, 2ZXA5
490C-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ15 4TU52, 2ZXL3
490D-95 High Head St. Centrifigal   2ZXK1
490D-97 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ16 4TU53, 2ZXA6
490D-98 High Head St Centrifugal* 4XZ17 4TU54, 2ZXL4
4940-99 Hand Pump* 4P908, 4HA36  
4946-99 Hand Pump   1N417
5144-98 1" S-Prm Centrifugal* 4P910  
5150-96 Hand Pump* 2P363,4HA35  
5230-98 Sump* 3XU90,4RC20 DISC.
5233-98 Sump* 3XU91 DISC.
5239-98 Sump 3XU92,4RC22  
523A-98 Sump 3XU93,4RC23  
523C-98 Sump* 3XU94,4RC24  
523D-98 Sump 3XU95,4RC25  
5270-98 Hand Pump* 4RC45,4HA37  
5340-95 Coolant/Oil* 4RC26 3P726, 3GRU6
5341-95 Coolant/Oil* 4XZ18 3P727, 3GRU7
5350-95 Coolant/Oil* 4RC27 3P728, 3GRU8
5351-95 Coolant/Oil* 4XZ19 3P741, 3GRU9
5360-95 Coolant/Oil 4XZ20 3P742, 3GRV2
5370-95 Coolant/Oil 4XZ21 3P743, 3GRV3
5371-95 Coolant/Oil 4XZ22 3GRV4
5380-95 Coolant/Oil* 4RC28 3P744, 3GRV5
5381-95 Coolant/Oil* 4XZ23 3P745, 3GRV6
5390-95 Coolant/Oil* 4RC29 3P746, 3GRV7
5391-95 Coolant/Oil* 4XZ24 3P747, 3GRV8
5400-95 Coolant/Oil 4XZ25 3P748, 3GRW1
5410-95 Coolant/Oil 4XZ26 3P749, 3GRW2
5411-95 Coolant/Oil 4XZ27 3GRW3
5470-90 Pump Head 3/4 HP 4TA72  
5470-91 Seal Kit FKM 4XZ28  
5470-98 3/4HP XSS St Cent. 4TA71 4JMV5
5470-K8 3/4HP XSS St Cent. 4XZ29  
5471-98 3/4HP XSS St Cent.* 4XZ30 4JMW9
5472-98 3/4HP XSS St Cent. 4XZ31 4JMV6
5473-98 3/4HP XSS St Cent. 4TA73 4JMX1
5475-90 Pump Head 1/2 HP 4TA75  
5475-98 Pump Transfer 1/2 HP 4TA74,1P799 4JMV3
5480-90 Pump Head 1 HP 4TA78  
5480-91 FKM Seal/Gasket Kit 4TA76  
5480-98 1HP XSS St Cent. 4TA77 4JMV7
5480-K8 1HP XSS St Cent. 4XZ32  
5481-98 1HP XSS St Cent. 4XZ33 4JMX2
5482-98 1HP XSS St Cent. 4XZ34 4JMV8
5483-98 1HP XSS St Cent. 4TA79 4JMX3
5484-90 Pump Head 1.5 HP 4TA81  
5484-98 1-1/2HP XSS St Cent. 4TA80 4JMV9
5484-K8 1-1/2HP XSS St Cent. 4XZ35  
5485-98 1-1/2HP XSS St Cent.* 4XZ36 4JMX4
5486-98 1-1/2HP XSS St Cent. 4XZ37 4JMW1
5487-98 1-1/2HP XSS St Cent. 4TA82 4JMX5
5490-90 Pump Head 2 HP 4TA83  
5490-98 2 HP XSS St. Cent.   4JMW2
5490-K8 2HP XSS St Cent. 4XZ38  
5491-98 2HP XSS St Cent.* 4XZ39 4JMX6
5492-98 2HP XSS St Cent.* 4XZ40 4JMW3
5493-98 2HP XSS St Cent. 4TA84 4JMX7
5494-90 Pump Head 3 HP 4TA85  
5494-98 3 HP XSS St. Cent.   4JMW4
5494-K8 3HP XSS St Cent. 4XZ41  
5495-98 3HP XSS St Cent. 4XZ42 4JMX8
5496-98 3HP XSS St Cent.* 4XZ43 4JMW5
5497-98 3HP XSS St Cent. 4TA86 4JMX9
5530-90 Seal Kit FKM 4XZ44  
5530-K8 3HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent. 4XZ45  
5531-98 3HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent. 4XZ46  
5533-98 3HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.* 4XZ47  
5534-K8 2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent. 4XZ48  
5535-98 2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.* 4XZ49  
5537-98 2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent. 4XZ50  
5538-K8 1-1/2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent. 4XZ51  
5539-98 1-1/2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.* 4XZ52  
553B-98 1-1/2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent. 4XZ53  
5540-95 Hand Pump* 4RC46,4HA38  
A734-90 Wheel Kit* 2P514  
A735-90 Wheel Kit* 2P515  
C229-90 1-1/2" Suction Strainer* 1P689  
C230-90 2" Suction Strainer* 1P690  
C519-90 3" Suction Strainer* 1P812  
C520-90 3" Suction Strainer* 1P931  
C364-90 4" Suction Strainer 2EHE8  

Teel & Dayton are both registered trademarks of W.W. Grainger