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T Trash Self Prime Pump w/GasEngine to 360gpm

Trash Self-Priming centrifugal pump available either close or long coupled to gasoline engines or electric motors. Light weight, chemically resistant pumps for general service on water, salt water and mildly corrosive liquids containing solids. 'T' pumps will pass a solid 1/3 the diameter of the suction port. They also have a non-metallic impeller (urathane coated steel), steel volute and wearplate with non metalic coating, 316 SS internal fastners and 304 SS quick release housing clamp. Housing is rugged glass reinforced polyester. Pressurized oil lubrication system protects hard silicon carbide shaft seal faces. Engine driven pumps include spring mounted base rails. Pumps include a built-in check valve, and self-cleaning double volute.

After initial priming via fill plug, these pumps will maintain prime and lift up to 25 ft.

Applications include contractors, trash, bait, bilge and de-watering. Pacer / ASM

T Trash Self Prime Pump w/GasEngine to 360gpm

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