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Oil/Water Separation Filter

SERFILCO Coalescing Systems are compact, economical and simple to operate. Remove oils from rinse waters, cleaning solutions, plating solutions or waste effluents. Separate water or tramp oil from hydraulic fluids and machining coolants.

Highly effective systems pump, prefilter and separate non-emulsified fluids having a .09 or greater difference in specific gravity. Solution is pumped through prefilter, then coalescing element where small droplets are held until large enough to float to top of coalescing chamber. Light phase is discharged from bottom of coalescing chamber. Unwanted phase is periodically bled off via manual flow control valve. Purified solution is directed back to tank or reservoir for re-use. Recovered effluent contains less than 10ppm of the discontinuos phase. Carbon purification may be used to polish.

Standard coalescing systems include pump, prefilter and coaslescing chamber with manual light and heavy phase discharge valves. Prefilter media of 5 to 10 micron is required to protect coalescing element. Selecting a system with greater prefilter capacity will reduce prefilter cartridge and coalescing element consumption. If properly protected, coalescing element has indefinite life.

Coalescing of fluids with excessive partiulate loading is best accomplished when the solution is first clarified with a separate filtration system.

Oil/Water Separation Filter

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