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EHM Vertical Chemcial Pump 200gpm

Serfilco chemical pump. Series 'EHM' Vertical Chemical Pump has a cantilevered CPVC sleeved stainless steel shaft with vapor seal between the rotting shaft and the support column to further protect the motor. The shaft eliminates bearings and conventional pump seals, resulting ina pump that can run dry without damage. A compound impeller prevents liquid from rising in the column while the fully-enclosed bottom impeller provides high hydraulic efficiency at low horsepower. Minimum recommended flow is 10 GPM. The pump length from the underside of the mounting plate is 15". One, two & three ft. suction extensions are available. The high efficiency impeller provides "pump-down" capabilities to 9 ft. below the inlet.

Be sure to check chemical resistance guides for the correct plastic to be used with your chemicals.

EHM Vertical Chemcial Pump 200gpm

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