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T41 Sealless Turbine Canned

The T41 Sealless Series regenerative pumps represent the most economical, high performance alternative for low flow (1/2 to 22GPM) applications involving moderate to high pressures (heads to 600 feet). Steep Operating Characteristics Near-constant deliveries are maintained over wide variations in load. High shut-off pressure overcomes temporary line resistance.

Canned Motor Zero Leakage Sealless Design. Ends down time and maintenance problems associated with mechanical seals. Environmentally safe double containment. Reverse Circulation Port All pumps are equipped with a reverse circulation port for use in circumstances where volatile fluids are being pumped, or where substantial amounts of entrained vapors are expected in the fluid. Particularly useful with intermittent duty applications where vapor build up occurs during off cycles. The reverse circulation port allows venting of built up vapors that could otherwise cause a dry running bearing condition which could substantially reduce service life.

Self-Adjusting Impeller A hydrodynamic film on each side of the impeller positions it for long life. The impeller exerts no thrust load on bearings. Pump operates equally well in a vertical or horizontal position.

Mechanical Seals Bronze fitted pumps have Buna N elastomers, high temperature carbon, and ceramic seats for best hot water service. Optional seats and materials are also available.

300# Case Working Pressure Rigid structure is designed for maximum casing strength.

100% Tested Every pump is fully tested to verify performance prior to shipment.

Volatile Fluid Handling Turbine impeller handles vapors up to 20% by volume, minimizing the possibility of vapor locks.

â€Oâ€Ring Gaskets “Oâ€ring seals are used throughout the T41 series pumps to assure sealing and ease of service.

Shaft Sleeve Units up to three horsepower have a shaft sleeve under the mechanical seal. Larger units have a 316 stainless steel shaft with an impeller sleeve.

Water Flinger A water flinger provides added protection to ball bearings in the event of seal leakage.

Simple Construction T41 series pumps contain only three major components, allowing for easy service.

End Suction • Top Discharge T41 Series pumps fit into small spaces easily. Discharge can be rotated in 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree positions.

Best Efficiency New pump design optimizes efficiency for each size.

Non-Cavitating T41 series pumps may be operated under adverse inlet conditions without audible or measurable cavation.

Low NPSH New inlet design provides superior fluid handling ability at low head inlet conditions.burks aroura

T41 Sealless Turbine Canned

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