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M Industrial submersible Drainage pump

Mody pump line of industrial submersible drainage and non-clog pumps are used in the severest of applications: from construction sites, mines, power stations, steel plants, ships to sewage, food screening and waste water treatment industries.

The in-house computerized state-of-the-art test bed ensures total quality control & unsurpassed reliability built into the entire range of pumps. Mody industries is ISO 9002 certified.

  • Tandem Tungsten Carbide/Tungsten Carbide & Tungsten Carbide/Tungsten Carbide mechanical seals wholly enclosed in a pressure compensated oil bag.
  • Built-in automatic ON/OFF/ON thermal overload switches & over current relay protect the motor. Thermal Protectors wired directly to built-in contactor for maximum reliability.
  • Equipped with moisture sensor that detects progressive seal wear and automatically shuts down the pump.
  • Can be equipped with sacrificial Zinc anodes for maximum life in a saline fluid environment.
  • Continuous rated 'F' Class; triple-dipped & epoxied heavy-duty motors available in any voltage & frequency combinations.
  • Flows from 30 GPM to 1800 GPM.
  • Discharge Heads from 5' to 250'.
  • Available from 1.3 HP to 35 HP.
  • Single row deep groove upper bearing. Double angular contact lower bearings. The bearings are enclosed with high temperature grease-containing special anti-corrosion additive.
  • Power Cable is Waterproof/oil-proof, rubber-insulated, neoprene-sheathed copper conductor flexible cable, 50' length.
  • Stainless Steel strainer with 1.18" x .37 " rectangular holes.

M Industrial submersible Drainage pump

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