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Koshin Pumps

Koshin pumps are the standard and known world wide in the contractor, rental, and portable pump markets as the brand to use. Most portable water pumps by Koshin feature Honda gas engines. Need replacement Parts or repair kits for your Koshin pump, we have them with many available on our web site.

All pumps can be provided in dual fuel system, gas and Propane LPG. Propane offers less expensive fuel, cleaner, safer and long lasting.

Koshin Trash Pumps

Koshin Trash Pumps powerfully handle solids ranging from 1.5 inches to 6 inches and the semi-trash pumps handling solids from 1.5 inches to 3 inches. Each trash pumps is designed for different sized debris, so check the specifications to ensure the pump is appropriate for your application. If you are not sure, give us a call and we will assist you in selecting the right trash pump. 3 YEAR Warranty!

Koshin High-Pressure Pumps

High pressure pumps are not a one size fits all pump category. Koshin High Pressure pumps come in gas and propane powered engines, with specifications designed for fire pumps, irrigation pumps, roofer pumps and more. 3 YEAR Warranty! 

Koshin Electric Submersible Pumps

The Koshin Submersible pumps are a heavy duty lineup of contractor pumps designed for dirty water pumping. These workhorses are ideal for contractors who need a submersible dewatering solution in a variety of conditions. 3 YEAR Warranty!

Koshin Pump Parts

As an authorized Koshin Pump dealer, you can order the full line of Koshin Parts from PumpBiz. If you are not sure of the correct part of kit, give us a call and we will make sure you get the right parts.


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  1. Koshin Pumps

    Water Pump 2 inch Honda Centrifugal



    Water Pump 2 inch, Koshin Pump with Honda engine . All aluminum die cast pump housing, with CI impeller and volute for lightweight and portability along with long life internal parts. Metal Carry handle and base. Honda GX120 4-cycle engine. 4-Cycl...

    4-Cycle GX120 4HP 9480GPH Learn More
  2. Koshin Pumps

    Float switch PBX pumps



    Float switch for Koshin submersible pumps PBX- series. Turn your dewatering pump into a automatic pump down with this innovative level switch kit. Simply remove cover plate from pump and connect float switch cord. Completely waterproof, no second ...

    Float switch kit PBX pumps Learn More
  3. Koshin Pumps

    Wheel Kit for Pumps

    WK-12 BAE

    Wheel kit for pumps with roll cage like KTH. The WK-12 BAE is for KTH-80s and KTH-100S by Koshin. Epoxy coated steel handles with grips, zinc shaft and fasteners.
    for KTH-80s and KTH-100S Learn More
  4. Koshin Pumps

    Replacement Power cord



    Replacement Power Cord for Koshin PBX 1/2hp electric submersible pump.

    OEM part 33FT long cord with plug.

    Power cord 33FT Learn More
  5. Koshin Pumps

    4" Trash Pump Impeller



    Trash pump replacement impeller. KTH100S casti iron two blade non-clog impeller.

    Koshin Impeller for Trash Pump KTH-100S

    Impeller for Trash Pump 4" KTH-100S newer models only, not the older style Koshin 4" trash pump KTH-100x 

    When replacing a ...

    KTH-100S impeller Learn More
  6. Koshin Pumps

    Water Pump Gas 2 inch


    10% Off Special Price $379.17 Regular Price $421.30

    Water Pump gas engine 2 inch. All aluminum die cast pump housing, with Cast Iron impeller and volute for wear resistance, lightweight and portability. Metal Carry handle and base. Koshin 4-cycle engine. 4-Cycle engine so NO mixing gas. Use standar...

    4-Cycle 5HP 9840 GPH 3-year warranty Learn More
  7. PumpBiz

    Fire Protection Kit Honda 30GPM

    Pump-In-A-Bag FPK1

    10% Off Special Price $458.10 Regular Price $509.00
    Honda engine Water Pump 1 inch. All aluminum pump housing, impeller and volute for lightweight and portability. Metal Carry handle and base. Honda GX25 4-cycle engine. 4-Cycle engine so NO mixing gas, use standard gasoline. Light weight and por...
    4-Cycle 1HP 1800GPH Learn More
  8. Koshin Pumps

    Replacement Impeller Koshin 2"



    Replacement pump Impeller for Koshin SE-50x SEH-50x gas engine 2" pumps. Genuine replacement parts. Cast Iron. Threads onto the pump engine 14MM shaft. 

    PumpBiz has a special tool for removing the old impeller.  120962, 011527001

    4-5/8" OD x 1-7...

    Cast Iron SE_-50 Learn More
  9. Koshin Pumps

    Shaft Seal SiC KTH80/100 Honda WT30/40


    Mechanical Shaft Seal Silicon Carbide SiC for Koshin trash pumps KTH80/100 WT30/40 and Honda trash pumps WT40 and shaft seal for Honda WT30. Includes both halves. Replace when replacing the impeller or if pump is leaking out the rear of the pum...
    Silicon Carbide seal fits WT30 and 40 Learn More
  10. Koshin Pumps

    Shaft Seal



    Mechanical shaft seal for Koshin SERM-50V, high pressure water pump. Includes carbon and ceramic seal faces along with SS spring. Recommended anytime the impeller is changed or the shaft seal has been removed. Keeps the water from leaking down the...

    Carbon / Ceramic water pump seal Learn More
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