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Anderson Phase Converter

The Phase Converters run off of 240 volt single phase power, that is in your home or business. The size of converter you need depends on the size of the motors on your equipment. Some require special sizing to get the right converter.With a 5 HP Rotary converter You may also run more than one motor off the same converter, as long as it is not larger than the 5 hp and run a combined total hp of all motors up to 10 hp. With Rotary converters you get full power and instant reversing.Here are some sizing examples:A 5 hp Table Saw would need a 5 hp converter.A 7-1/2 HP Gear Head Lathe would need at least a 10 HP Rotary Converter.A 10 HP Air compressor would need a 20 HP rotary converter, Air compressors have harder initial starting loads.A 15 HP CNC Machine would need a 30 HP CNC Converter. The larger converter is needed to run the machine properly to maintain voltage.The harder the starting load of an Air Compressor and the type of machine as with Computer Controlled machines require a Converter that is 2 times larger than their motors.This is a partial list of equipment that Converters are used on:Machine Shop Equipment: LathesMilling MachinesGrindersEDM MachinesBand SawsCNC MachinesWood Shop Equipment: Table SawsPlanersJoinersLathesShapersDrill PressesPrinting EquipmentRestaurant EquipmentMining EquipmentPumps Hydraulic and WaterAir CompressorsAll of our Rotary Converters have a switch to turn them off and on. (see picture. )Nothing extra to buy. Totally enclosed fan cooled heavy duty idler motors.Our Converters have easy wiring 1 box for 240v single phase in and 1 box for 240v 3 phase outWe also have remote control starting of the converter with our hand held remote unit for an extra cost.

Anderson Phase Converter

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