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Magnetic Drive Pumps

Operation is similar to the standard centrifugal pumps, except the impeller is driven with a magnetic coupling, eliminating the need for a shaft seal. Magnetic drive pumps must be used where flooded suction exists. Typical OEM applications include film processors, laser and x-ray cooling systems, medical scientific and laboratory equipment and silver recovery equipment. WARNING: Do not use in explosive atmosphere or for pumping volatile flammable liquids.

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Dry Run Capability
  • Hydraulically Efficient
  • Quiet Operation
  • No Shaft Seals
  • Flexible Mounting and Body
  • Discharge Position
  • Low Current Draw and Heat Rise
  • Maximum Flow 35 GPM
  • Maximum System Pressure 75 PSI
  • Maximum Head 53 Ft.
  • Maximum Temperature 203º F
  • Available in Noryl® ,Polypropylene, or Ryton® bodies

Magnetic Drive Pumps

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