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Bottom Hole Skimmer Strainer

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    Bottom Hole Skimmer Strainer
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Bottom Hole Skimmer Strainer

Bottom Hole Skimmer Strainer suction strainer for pulling water from floor surface.

Zinc plated steel. Top connection. Provides a very low suction strainer to pump down to lowest level without breaking prime at higher levels. Caution: Do not let your pump run dry or cavitate due to low water level. SSKS-200BH

For Top Hole skimmer strainers see SSKS-TH series or SRHS for barrel suction strainers. Image tab below shows some of the various strainers available from PumpBiz. Please let us know if you do not see what you are looking for or for complete hose kits.

Plated steel bottom hole skimmer strainer for suction hoses. Slim design is especially suited for shallow applications where a foot valve is not required. Strainers helps to prevent or keep pump damaging solids from entering into the pump. Plated steel for a rust and crush resistant strainer.

9"dia x 2-3/4" high 

When using as a dredge for sediment removal, consider using the bottom hole strainer of smaller size as a hydraulic excavator next to the intake. Simply attach the high pressure pump to the bottom hole skimmer via its discharge hose end. Then with this working in conjunction (tie together) the dredge / trash pump suction hose you can errode the bottom muck to be suctioned up by the dredge pump intake.

Or as a inexpensive alternative try the top hole strainer set several inches below the dredge intake strainer. Stap the pressure pump suction hose to the side of the trash pump suction strainer.

More Information
Model Number SSKS-BH200
Outlet Connection Type FNPT
Outlet (In.) 2
Wetted Materials Steel
Weight (Lbs) 2.000000