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EF6300iSDE inverter / generator 6.3KW

powerful portable generator 6300 watt
Model Number
EF6300iSDE Yamaha generator
The EF6300iSDE picks up where our extremely successful EF4500iSE leaves off, with even more power and fuel efficiency in a quiet, portable package. The EF6300iSDE is designed for maximum fuel efficiency and minimum noise, qualities which make it the ultimate RV accessory. The most powerful engine in its class allows this inverter to run at the very low engine speed of just 2600 rpm—1000 rpm lower than other generators in its class, and that slow engine speed pays off in reduced fuel consumption as well as less noise, vibration and engine wear. Naturally, it’s got all the features you expect from Yamaha including an optional wireless remote control. OHV 357cc gas engine.
  • 6300 watt maximum output, 5500 watt rated continuous output – Suitable for running an RV 15,000 btu air conditioner and 1000 watt microwave oven, or two other major RV appliances simultaneously.
  • Legal for sale in all 50 states - Meets CARB emission regulations.
  • Very quiet 58~60 decibels.
  • Low Speed Running – Using the most powerful engine in its class to run at a constant ultra low speed of 2600 rpm to reduce gasoline consumption, extend running time between refueling and reduce noise and engine wear.
  • Up to 13.3 hours running time at one quarter rated load between refueling.
  • Complies with California Air Resources Board Tier III exhaust emission standard. Qualifies for the highest engine life rating (Extended). Exceeds 1000 hours emission compliance.
  • Pulse Width Modulation Inverter System – Sine wave as clean as or cleaner than household electricity. Suitable for computers, televisions, satellite TV systems and other sensitive electronic equipment and appliances.
  • Optional wireless remote control – Start and stop the generator from up to 66 feet away.
  • Electric Start – Effortless turn the key to start.
  • Automatic Choke – Easy starting even in cold climates.
  • Low Oil Warning System – Shuts the engine off to protect the engine if the oil level drops.
  • Power Meter – Easy to read meter indicates the amount of power being used and the amount that’s available.
  • Hour Meter – Displays the amount of running time accumulated to indicate servicing or refueling interval.
  • Twin Bar – Aids in lifting and loading. Also utilize for transport and anti-theft security.
  • Gas gauge – Indicates amount of gasoline to indicate refueling interval.
  • Stylish Design that is attractive and practical.
  • Four wheels with parking brake for easy transport and security.
  • Three outlets: GFCI protected standard 22A 120v 5-20R, Twistlock 30A L5-30R, 22A 120/240v L14-30R
More Information
Model Number EF6300iSDE
Series Yamaha generators Portable
Watts 5500.000000
Voltage (V) 115/230
Voltage (Range) 110-120/220-240
Phase (Ø) Single (1)
Motor Frequency 60
Motor Gas Engine
Self Priming Yes
Mechanical Seal No
Other Two G.F.C.I. type 5-20R receptacles have max capacity of 2400W with a 20 amp load breaker and is powered by one circuit.
The L5-30 receptacle has 22.9 amps for a max output of 2748W and is powered by the second circuit.
And the L14-30 has no breaker but allows the 22.9A max output of the generator to be utilized for each circuit for a total of 5500W rated. The description of power use in the Yamaha manual can be a little confusing. The 120V max output is 45.8A which is a little less than the rated 5500W which is divided into two circuits. If using the 240V outlet the amperage is 22.9A total. When switched to 240V use you can use both the L14 and the 5 or L5 outlets, but restricted to a total output of 5500W or 2748W per circuit. That would be applied as 22.9A to each 120V circuit.
RV adapter: This adapter is required to utilize your 30 Amp generator outlet with RV's, campers, and motor homes. This is important if using a portable generator to start an RV air conditioner. Most RV air conditioners will require a minimum of 25 Amps to start. Our adapter makes power supply to your RV easy. It consists of the correct 30Amp male twist-lock on one end, which fits the Yamaha generator 120V/30A twist lock receptacle. The other end is a 30 Amp RV Style female connector, which will accept a 30amp RV plug.
Low Oil Shutdown Yes
Duty Continuous
Drain Yes
Port Rotation Yes
Country of Manufacture Japan
Weight (Lbs) 200.000000
Warranty (YRS.) 3