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2.5 Hg vac Vacuum Switch

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    2.5 Hg vac Vacuum Switch
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Model Number
Hypro 2510-0007 2.5 Hg vac Vacuum Switch
VAC-ON Switches protect pumps from running dry by automatically shutting off motors when liquid is depleted or vacuum drops to a specific level. Rated for AC motors to 2 HP, 110 volt, 1-Phase or 3-Phase. Rated for DC motors to 1/2 HP, 32-115V or 230V. Three Hg Vac. ratings to choose from. Rated to 140ï½° F. Inlet port is 1/4" FPT. VAC-ON Vacuum Switch is intended to be used as a safety device to eliminate the need to attend a pump while a limited liquid source is being pumped. The switch automatically shuts off the electric motor when the liquid is depleted or when the vacuum suction drops to a certain level. By doing so, the switch protects both the pump and the drive from breakdown due to dry operation.

The vacuum switch is an electrical device wired intothe power circuit to an electric motor or electric clutch.When the switch is connected to the suction side of a pump,it senses the break in vacuum if the pump runs out of liquid.The break in vacuum causes the switch to open the circuitand shutoff the motor or deactivate the clutch.

The vacuum switch is generally installed in a pumpingsystem when transferring or pumping a limited amount ofliquid when the pump cannot be attended at all times. Theswitch provides automatic shutoff when the pump runsdry, helping to prevent damage to the pump. Normally,the switch is manually restarted, although it is possiblewith electric motor and clutch installations to wire amomentary switch, float or liquid level device across theterminals of the vacuum switch to reactivate the systemremotely or automatically.

The switch is normally mounted on the inlet side of thepump, between the pump and liquid source. The switchcontains a spring loaded diaphragm sensitive to a vacuumof not less than 2-1/2" Hg (mercury).

More Information
Model Number 2510-0007
Inlet Connection Type FNPT
inlet size Less than 1"
Inlet (In.) 0.25
Wetted Materials Steel
Diaphragm Buna-Nitrile
Voltage (V) 115/208-230
Voltage (Range) 110-120/220-240
Phase (Ø) Single (1)
Max Operating Temperature (F) 120
Other Explosion hazard. Switch is not ignition protected. Do not use in bilge area of vessels with gasoline engines or equipment as explosion can result causing injury or death.
Weight (Lbs) 3.000000
Warranty (YRS.) 1