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Submersible Pump

Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible water pumps for sumps, sewage, septic, effluent, dewatering ditches, basements, floors, yards and more. These submersible pumps come in all voltages from 12 / 24vdc, 115/230vac and 230/460v 3-phase. Sizes range from very small circulators and bilge to large 15HP submersible. Pump cases are made in plastic, cast iron, stainless steel.

For well pumps and fountain/pond pumps see their respective categories in the application listing.

Submersible Pump Accessories

Some submersibles come with level switches for automatic operation while others it is an option. We also have discharge hose, control starter boxes, basis and duplex packages.

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  1. Barnes Pumps

    Submersible Grinder pump 5HP



    Rugged and reliable SGV Series pumps provide continuous, maintenance-free operation while effectively handling objects such as plastic, rubber, disposable diapers, towels and clothing.

    5HP SGV Series Ideally suited for pressure sewer systems,...

    460V/3 Learn More
  2. AMT Pumps

    Cast Iron Submersible Contractor pump


    25% Off Special Price $3,096.00 Regular Price $4,128.00
    Submersible dewatering pump
    • AMT Submersible Contractor Pumps are intended for use in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Applications include: Construction sites, waste water, storm water, farming, irrigation, excavation, mini...

    5HP 460v/3 Learn More
  3. Barnes Pumps

    Submersible Sewage Sump Pump 133151


    Barnes 4" Horizontal Discharge Solids Handling Pump4" horizontal discharge handles up to 3" spherical solidsMotor sizes from .9 to 100HPOpen and enclosed impellers, some with pump-out vanes on backside. Delta impellers available on some modelsV...
    460/3 5HP Learn More
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