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Propane Powered Pumps & LP Generators

Propane Powered water pumps, irrigation, fire pumps. Propane conversion are bi-fuel pumps,

Yamaha and Honda generators with propane conversion kits. LP powered generators and pumps are reliable and clean burning.

Safe propane driven pumps for forest fires in remote areas, boat marine fire protection, cold weather operation with no liquid gas to carry. Works on cheap imports powerhorse, champion, ETQ, Generac, northstar. Propane water pumps and generators. Use with Makita 4-cycle blower and 15HP PM7650H 75.6 cc MM4® 4‑Stroke Engine Mist Blower

Benefits of converting to propane o A cleaner burning fuel with non-toxic exhaust o Increased engine life and lower maintenance o Improved engine performance o Significantly reduces air pollution o Lower fuel costs per operating hour o Conversion kit is simple and easy to install Stop polluting with gasoline o Propane reduces hydrocarbon emissions by 70% o 5% of air pollution is from small gasoline engines o 1 hour of small gasoline engine use=350 auto miles o 1 small gasoline engine creates 87 lbs of CO2 per year o Over 17 million gallons of gasoline are accidentally spilled yearly o Approved as a clean alternative fuel by the EPA and the California Air Resources Board o Propane is the 3rd most commonly used fuel o Propane has a higher octane rating than gasoline Go Green. Save Green. o Propane, on average, can be 10% - 25% less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuels. o Controls fuel cost.Little change. o Eliminates fuel theft. o No fuel contamination. o Longer engine life. o Less engine maintenance

Propane water pumps and generators

Check out Run It has all the propane upgrade kit information for pumps,small engines you need.

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  1. Darley

    LP Fire Pumps Portable Two Stage

    7AK306 LP


    LP propane or gas powered Bi-fuel fire pump. Davey fire water sprinkler high pressure pump - 4800 GPH. AK 306. Can run unattended for 3-1/2 hours on 5 gallons (20#) of propane and over 18 hours on 24 gallons (100#) of propane If you've ever been i...

    Honda GX270 Bi-fuel Learn More
  2. Tsurumi

    Propane LPG High Pressure Pump


    Propane LPG high pressure selfpriming water pump. Honda engine converted to dual fuel Propane LPG and gasoline. Use either fuel simply by turning the other off. Heavy-duty Honda gas engine with oil sensor and Silicon Carbide mechanical seal pro...
    Honda 5.5HP Dual Fuel Learn More
  3. Koshin Pumps

    Propane Water Pump irrigation



    Propane Water Pump irrigation fire.

    LPG or bottled liquid propane is a GREEN fuel with a huge cost saving and reliability benefit. This converted pump operates on Propane or regular gas. Fire Water Pump, firefighting or high pressure. Honda engin...

    Propane High pressure Fire / Irrigation Learn More
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