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Automotive Car Truck Propane Upgrades Conversions

Propane conversion upgrades kits for cars, trucks and other vehicles. Dual or Bi- fuel system allow you to start on gasoline and drive on less expensive, clean burning domestic LPG aka Propane. Propane, not just for grilling cheeseburegers any more!!!

The XSI Fuel System - an Aftermarket Upgrade for your vehicle that feature a world class patented system to power your fleet.

The XSI Fuel System , enables a non-invasive upgrade of your engine to a Bi-Fuel System. A Bi-Fuel system allows your vehicle the flexibility to drive your vehicle on propane or gasoline - and switch at the touch of a button! While inexpensive, clean burning propane will be your primary fuel source, you can switch to gasoline when needed.

The XSI Fuel System Upgrade leaves your entire gasoline fuel system intact, leaving your vehicle 100% compliant with all current enviromental laws and standards.

Fleet owners realize major benefits from Upgrading to alternative fuels including cost savings and reducing harmful vehicle emissions. Private companies, municipal, state, and federal organizations can realize substantial cost savings through both the actual fuel costs and also many federal and state incentives . Propane burns cleaner than gasoline, and as new production methods for bio-propane emerge, it will offer the advantage of being a renewable resource. Switching to an alternative fuel is no longer a leap of faith - it is necessary to offset the use of foreign oil, and reduce emmissions. The time is now to Go Green, and Save Green! AJ Automtive detailed web site.

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