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Constant Pressure Pump

Low water pressure to your home or business can cause a problem that you may not even notice. It is certainly a nuisance to experience low flow in toilets or showers but low water pressure can also affect appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines causing less than satisfying results.

Constant pressure pumps provide a solution to these problems by monitoring the use and pressure of the system and adjusting the speed of the pump, providing even water pressure to your house or business.

Constant pressure pumps combine reliability and state-of-the-art technology to provide private water system owners with constant pressure and more water on demand or RV's and boats.

Available in 12vdc, 115 and 230v.

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  1. Pedrollo Pumps

    Water booster pump Flux Boosting System



    Pedrollo Flux Boosting System or Booster Pump System starts and stops the water pump according to the user's water boosting needs. Automatic booster pump. The FLUX replaces the traditional pressure system of a tank, pressure switch, and float swit...

    3/4HP 115v Pressure boosting, Automatic, Flow Learn More
  2. Flotec Pumps

    PressureMate Booster Pump


    Booster Pump. Inline stainless steel on-demand booster pump will boost your incoming pressure by as much as 40 psi (depending upon flow rate). Perfect for homes, rain harvesting or sprinkler systems that just need that extra pressure.
    • Design...
    3/4HP 115v Learn More
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