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Chemical Pumps

Using chemical pumps allow you to distribute chemicals in a safe effective manner if operated properly. The most common types of chemical pumps are centrifugal pumps which moves fluid by a creating a vacuum using a rotating impeller; Magnetic Drive Pump, which uses rotating magnetic circuits to rotate the impeller; positive displacement pumps which uses rotary, reciprocating, or diaphragm method to draw fluid into an inlet compartment and then discharges it at the outlet.

Chemical pumps, including high pressure chemical pumps, available in Centrifugal, Sealed and Magnetic along with positive displacement Gear and Diaphragm pumps. Also available are chemical Drum pumps, injection Metering and Hand operated.

Chemical Pump Manufacturers

Pumpbiz carries products from the industry’s most trusted chemical pump manufacturers including March, Finish Thompson, Pulsafeeder, All-Flo, AMT, Standard, Serfilco, Stenner and Sotera.

Materials for chemical pumps include: Polypro, Kynar PVDF, 316 Stainless, 304SS, Titanium and CPVC.

Explosion Proof motors are a option to many of the chemical pumps.

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  1. Finish Thompson Pumps (FTI)

    FTI DB7 pump



    Introducing the DB Series magnetic drive pump—the new standard for high hydraulic efficiency and corrosive fluid handling. With design-aided magnetic flux and computational fluid dynamics technology, the DB Series packs all the high-pressure, ...

    1/2HP 115/230v PolyPro Learn More
  2. Pacer Pumps



    Pacer S pump close coupled to a TEFC 115/230v 1 phase electric motor. Self priming pump, POLY plastic resists abrasive particles, good for most water transfer applications, fountains, irrigation. Pacer pumps are made in the USA. Pacer pump has ...
    .5HP/1750 Learn More
  3. Finish Thompson Pumps (FTI)

    AC4 Chemical Pump



    SALE !!Chemical pump stainless steel.

    Rugged, FTI metallic sealed centrifugal AP Series pumps are compact in design, easy to operate and handle, and very economically priced.

    Built from high quality 316 stainless steel the AP Series pumps are av...

    1/2HP 115/230v Learn More
  4. March Pumps

    magdrive pump PP March 6



    Polypropylene Magdrive pump March 6,

    Centrifugal Horizontal Magnetic Coupled Pump .5 Hp. Magnetic coupled pumps are seal-less, providing for maintenance-free and leak-proof operation. The magnetic coupling acts as a clutch to provide overload pro...

    115/230v 1/2HP PolyPro Learn More
  5. Finish Thompson Pumps (FTI)

    FTI DB5.5 Magnetic coupled pump Polypro


    Magnetic coupled pump.
    • Five-year warranty
    • Extended run dry ability (with carbon bushing)
    • High operating efficiency —Up to 70%
    • Polypropylene construction
    • Powerful neodymium magnets
    • Close-coupled design
    • Horizontal or vertical installation w...
    1/2 Hp 115V, 60 Hz TEFC Learn More
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