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9R NEMA 1 Mechanical alternator

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    9R NEMA 1 Mechanical alternator
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Model Number
Serfilco 66-0730A 9R NEMA 1 Mechanical alternator
Double pole mechanical alternator switch alternates the operation of two pumps installed in a duplex pump system in a common tank or sump. If one pump cannot handle the flow demand, the second pump is automatically energized and continues to function until one pump can handle the load. The float switch assembly consists of a polypropylene float, titanium float guide rod, CPVC float guide brackets and adjustable CPVC collars. A high level alarm circuit is available. The assembly is mounted on a support plate independent of the pumps. Standard length is 36". Switch rating: 1-1/2 HP @ 115V single phase or 2 HP @ 230V single phase. Can also be used as a pilot device for single or three phase magnetic motor starters.
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Model Number 66-0730A
Weight (Lbs) 15.000000