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2 Inch Trash Pumps Manufacturers

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2" FlexPump submersible trash pump

Flex shaft pump powerd by a Honda 5.5HP Gas Engine

2-Inch trash pumps are ideal for contractors who need to dewater job sites, maintenance staff that may need to remove water occasionally, or other applications with periodic need. For situations where the water may be clear or have small debris, the 2” trash pumps are ideally suited. If the water might have mud, sand, or sludge, the diaphragm trash pumps is better able to handle these abrasive materials.

Below is a partial list of the 2-inch trash pumps we carry at PumpBiz. You can buy online, or contact us to discuss your needs. For a full list of trash pump, click here

AMT 2-inch Trash Pumps

AMT is a leading manufacturer of trash pumps, with both electric and engine driven pumps. For a full list of AMT Trash Pumps, click here.

Koshin 2-inch Trash Pumps

Koshin is known for the high quality engine drive gas pumps. In addition to the pumps below, you can see more Koshin pumps here. Many koshin pumps are powered by Honda Gas engines. If you are looking for a Honda water pump, check out the Koshin line.

Riverside 2-inch Trash Pumps

Riverside Trash pumps are well known for quality and durability, protected by a strong frame or on carts. here are more Riverside Pumps.


Full line of Trash Pumps

PumpBiz is the authorized distributor for many trash pump manufacturers. Each trash pump manufacturer's products have unique attributes. If you are unsure of the best 2" trash pump for your situation, please give us a call and we'll make sure you get the right one.