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Ejector Pumps

This is all about ejector waste pumps

Ejector Pumps

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  1. Wayne

    1/3 HP Wayne Submersible Sump Pumps With Float Switch


    Wayne Pump CDU790 feature a cast iron volute for long life and
    quiet operation. These pumps are also compactly designed for 11" or
    larger sump pits. This system is ideally suited to remove water
    from below grade installations. 3 yr. warranty


  2. Barnes

    Sump pump 3/4HP


    CI Sump Pump 3/4HP Auto vertical switch. Barnes sump pumps are
    robustly designed for long operational life and dependable service.
    They are further enhanced by a stainless steel shaft. Barnes
    SP sump pumps save time and replacement costs because ...
  3. EBARA

    SS sewage 1.5hp


    Ebara SS sewage pump. Automatic w/ float switch. Impeller type:
    Single channel/non-clog.

  4. Pedrollo

    Submersible Sewage pump heavy duty


    Submersible Sewage pump, extremely heavy duty design. DOUBLE SEAL:
    mechanical seal silicon carbide - NBR, with oil barrier chamber and
    inner lip seal to protect the seal in the event of dry running.
    15FT power cord. INSULATION: class F. MOTOR: su...
    Submersible trash pump 115v
  5. Tramco

    Heavy Duty Sump Pump 6FT

    500S-A2-65 Commercial sump pump

    Commercial sump pump. Tramco Vertical Column Water Sump Pumps are
    true heavy duty designs for long life in commercial applications. 6
    foot model with 1/2 hp 1725 rpm motor. Includes a 20" diameter
    adjustable aluminum cover plate and discharge pip...
  6. EBARA

    SS sewage 3HP


    SS sewage pump. No Float switch. Single Channel Impeller.
    Stainless Steel pump
    EBARA Dominator sewage pumps are stainless steel and designed for
    reliable submersible pumping of waste water with suspended solids
    up to 2" in diameter. Stainless ste...
  7. EBARA

    SS sewage .5hp


    SS sewage pump sinlge-channel / non-clog impeller. Automatic w/
    float switch.

  8. EBARA

    SS sewage .5hp


    SS sewage pump vortex / non-clog impeller. No float switch.

  9. EBARA

    SS sewage .5hp


    SS sewage pump vortex/non-clog impeller. No float switch. Single
    Channel Impeller

  10. EBARA

    Stainless Steel submersible Pump 1.5hp


    Stainless Steel submersible Pump. SS sewage pump. Often used as a
    pond or water feature pump. No float switch. Impeller type: Vortex.
    Entire pump is stainless steel.

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Items 1 to 10 of 265 total

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