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State of the art Float switches

PumpBiz offers modern Electronic float switches that no longer have problem causing moving parts. Features include alarms, lights,phone calls and alternators. They are easy to install and fit just …

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Propane BI-FUEL upgrade Kit

Trucks, cars, and other vehicles as well as other Small engines running on our propane conversion systems have been proven to have 80% cleaner emissions and help the engine last longer than those …

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Flex Pump™ Dewatering Trash

Submersible Trash pump engine powered*. Flex-Pump is a submersible dewatering pump without electricity. Customers who have used it are so impressed they are calling it a "Muddy …

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Designed and meant to be used as a vertically mounted assembly. Typical vertical pumps include or have as an option some sort of mounting plate. Others are meant to be completely submersed in the liquid. Vertical pumps can have either a relatively short shaft and therefore be canti-levered from the motor allowing for them to operate without bearings and to run-dry. Others have some sort of bearings or bushings, usually a non-metallic type, somewhere along the shaft to minimize shaft run-out and whip. This category also includes those pumps, which are hermetically sealed pump and motor units, suitable for being completely submersed in the liquid. Unlike horizontals, vertical pumps rarely need to be primed, the impeller and casing simply need to be submerged during start-up. Here considerations are usually on the controlling of the pump on-off cycles with some sort of float switch.
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