Product Name: 3" Solid Handling Pump
Model Number: 3270-D5 Diesel
Manufacturer: AMT Trash Pump Centrifugal Pumps
Diesel Industrial Duty solids-handling pumps offer an upgraded debris handling capability up to 3/4" solids. Cast Iron w/ Iron Wearparts. Applications include high-volume liquid transfer, irrigation, commercial draining and construction. Hatz Diesel 1B20. Run time 2.7hrs. .79/3.0 fuel tank. On SALE Available with wheel kit.
See Curve "D"

WARNING: Use only with nonflammable liquids compatible with pump component materials and in nonflammable/nonexplosive atmospheres.


Usual Ship Time: 2-3 days

Your Price: $2,909.00 EA
Maximum Flow 216 gallons/min 
TDH (Head) Maximum @ 0GPM 38.96 PSI 
Head (TDH) Maximum @ 0GPM 90 FT 
HP Standard 4.7 HP 
Inlet Connection Type FNPT 
Inlet 3 " 
Outlet Connection Type FNPT 
Outlet 3 " 
Wetted Materials CI 
Elastomers Viton 
Motor Diesel Engine 
Length 20 " 
Self Priming Yes 
Suction Lift 20 FT 
Max Operating Temp 180 °F 
Viscosity Vegetable Oil 34.60 cp 200.00 ssu 
Max. Particle Size 0.75 " 
Max Specific Gravity 1 sp. gr. 
Max. Particle Hardness 5 MOH 
Max. Volume of Suspended Solids 5 % 
Shaft Sleeved SS 
Mechanical Seal Face SiC 
Mechanical Seal Type Single 
Impeller No. (see curve image)
Impeller Mat'l / Type CI, Semi-Open, Clog Resistant 
Warranty 1 Year/s 
Applications Contractor 
Slurry, Slush & Sludge 
PH High 7 pH 
Other Optional Wheel kit includes 10" semi-pneumatiac tires on steel wheels with cast-iron clamps & steel handle for universal mounting to frame. 
Country of Origin USA, born in America 
Drain Plug Yes 
Weight 128 lbs
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Manufacturer: PumpBiz Pumps
Model Number: SHKT3
$25200 ea.
Wheel Mounting Kit C402-90
Manufacturer: AMT Trash Pump Centrifugal Pumps
Model Number: A734-90
$15300 ea.
Manufacturer: AMT Trash Pump Centrifugal Pumps
Model Number: A735-90
$17300 ea.
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