Product Name: High Pressure Peristaltic Pump 22GPD
Model Number: 45MHP22-120-1/4
Manufacturer: Stenner Peristaltic Tube Pumps
PATENTED MECHANICAL CONTROL – Stenner’s unique control mechanism allows the pump’s output to be scaled from. 5% to 100% with the simple turn of a dial. This eliminates the need for troublesome electronic timers.

PERISTALTIC ADVANTAGE – Peristalsis occurs when the rotation of the rollers around the inside diameter of the tube housing compress and dilates the pumping tube. This eliminates diaphragms or foot valves while allowing the system to be completely self-priming. Hydrogen Peroxide can be pumped without concern about vapor lock.

EASY TUBE MAINTENANCE – Pumping tubes are easily replaced. Just set the tube in place and let it thread itself into position. Down time and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum through periodic tube replacements.

The Classic Series Single Head Adjustable Pump is an ideal choice for treating problem water. The pump can inject water treatment solutions for pH control or to oxidize iron, hydrogen sulfide or manganese for removal by filtration. Disinfection, pH control or adjustment, corrosion and scale control and oxidation are common water treatment applications found in markets such as Water Conditioning, Animal Health, Industrial Process, Water and Wastewater, and Cooling Towers. The versatility of the product expands into other markets as well, such as Legionella prevention in Cooling Towers, sprinkler head cleaning in Irrigation and Horticulture and plating bath treatment in the Metal Finishing industry. The pumps are widely popular in the commercial pool industry for sanitizing swimming pool water or maintaining the equipment.

Unique Stenner Features

  • Interchangeable pump heads and tubes to convert one model to another without having to purchase a new pump.
  • Easy and fast tube replacement without tools with the QuickPro® pump head.
  • The pump is built with three detachable components; the motor, feed rate control and the pump head that can be separated without tools.

How the Single Head Adjustable Chemical Injection Pump Works

The output is determined by three factors; the rpm of the motor gears, the setting on the feed rate control and the pump tube size. The feed rate control has an external dial ring that is labeled L to 10 offering an adjustable output range from 5% to 100% in 2.5% increments.


The 45 and 85 models are two sub-series within the Classic Series Single Head Pumps (Adjustable and Fixed) and below is a summary of the primary differences in the Adjustable models.

45 Series Adjustable85 Series Adjustable
  • 26 rpm
  • 0.2-22.0 gpd up to 100 psi (0.8-83.3 lpd up to 6.9 bar)
  • 0.2-50.0 gpd up to 25 psi (0.8-189.3 lpd up to 1.7 bar)
  • 44 rpm
  • 0.3-40.0 gpd up to 100 psi (1.1-151.4 lpd up to 6.9 bar)
  • 0.3-85.0 gpd up to 25 psi (1.1-321.8 lpd up to 1.7 bar)



Usual Ship Time: 2-3 days

Your Price: $449.00 EA
Maximum Flow 0.035 gallons/min 
TDH (Head) Maximum @ 0GPM 100 PSI 
Head (TDH) Maximum @ 0GPM 231 FT 
HP Standard 0.03 HP 
Inlet 0.25 " 
Outlet 0.25 " 
Wetted Materials Acetal-Delrin 
Voltage 115 V 
Frequency 60 Hz 
Motor ODP 
Motor Amps 1.7 A 
MTR Cord Length 6 FT 
Self Priming Yes 
Max Operating Temp 125 °F 
Viscosity SAE 30 oil 352.00 cp 2000.00 ssu 
Max Specific Gravity 1.8 sp. gr. 
Max. Particle Hardness 5 MOH 
Warranty 1 Year/s 
Applications Chemical 
Machine Tool 
Other Peristaltic Tube & Check Valve Duckbill: Santoprene® TPR-FDA Approved
Suction/Discharge Tubing Ferrules (1/4” & 6mm): LDPE Polyethylene-NSF/FDA Approved  
Approvals UL 
Country of Origin USA 
Duty Continuous 
Weight 8 lbs
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