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HP Hand Pump

HP Series Hand pumps are hand dispensing pumps designed for the transfer or dispensing of concentrates, chemicals, fuel oil, soaps, additives or other liquids which are purchased in bulk but are used in small quantities. Various Corrosion resistant engineering plastics with 316SS fastners. This low cost pump delivers one pint per stroke or one quart with the forward and back push/pull of the handle. The variety of materials of construction enables the user to select those which are specifically required for his individual needs according to chemical resistance charts. The use of this pump eliminates having to pour from one container to another and avoids costly and hazardous spilling and splashing. A manual piston pump. Pumps include a 2" bung adapter and internal suction side screen.

Order hose, fittings etc. seperately. Vacuum breaker is either epdm or viton in all pumps, third alpha. Chemical Drum pumps.

HP Hand Pump

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