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2000D Horiz.

Corcoran 2000Series ideal for many O.E.M and chemical processing applications. Applications are pumping cleaners, caustic materials, salt solutions, chlorinated solvents, photographic chemicaals, de-ionized water, fatty acids or phoshoric, citric and lactic acids. End Suction - Horizontal mechanical sealed 316 SS, Carpenter 20Cb3, Hastelloy B & C pumps. Normally made from wrought metal that is uniformly dense and essentially porosity free. The use of wrought metal in Corcoran pumps often offers other advantages over cast alloys. Two obvious advantages are hlgher density and better mechanical properties. In many instances the wrought metal has significantly higher corrosion-resistance than cast metal of similar composition.

Sizes from 3/4 x 1/2" to 2 x 1-1/2".

2000D Horiz.

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