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LO-BOY 412 Condensate Pump (UL) 65gph

** Economical model with integral sump** Low profile, easy installation** 13 ft. head** Large drink per cycle** Automatic operationThe Lo-Boy is fully corrosion-resistant all-plastic and stainless steel, with a float actuated switch for fully automatic operation. With its large drink per cycle and 13 ft. lift it has the capacity and power for virtually any application. Installation is simple, both for the electrical hookup and the mounting of the pump and drain tubing. Can be mounted on the floor or on the side of the air conditioner or adjacent wall.The low silhouette of the sump pan--only 1 13/16" high-- permits placing the unit next to the condensate drain pipe so the water can drain directly into the sump. Pump is furnished complete with 20 ft. of 1/4" vinyl tubing.

LO-BOY 412 Condensate Pump (UL) 65gph

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