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March Pumps for Chemicals / water IN STOCK. These pumps made in the suburbs of Chicago are a magnetically coupled pump or magnet drive sealless pump, leak proof, no seals - no seal problems. Magnetic couplings create magdrive pump. Used in chemical, industrial, submersible, marine pumps, water, solar, aquariums, beer wort. March magnetically coupled pumps are used by OEM's world wide.

OEM replacement to Marine Air conditioning units by Cruise Air, Taylor Made, domestic seawater pump. Magdrive pumps are made in engineering thermoplastics, 316SS and bronze. Pumps by March come in 12/24VDC, 115/230/460vac, Air motors, Explosion proof.

March pump parts - enter the March pump part no. into the Search Box above with "Parts" selected. We have ALL parts but some are not listed. Made in USA - Glenview, Illinois. ______ March pumps direct with Same / Next Day Shipping.


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  1. March

    magdrive pump Ryton March 6

    TE-6T-MD-1P 3.5

    Magdrive pump March 6, Centrifugal Horizontal Magnetic Coupled Pump
    .5 Hp. Magnetic coupled pumps are seal-less, providing for
    maintenance-free and leak-proof operation. The magnetic coupling
    acts as a clutch to provide overload protection. The...
    115/230v 1/2HP PP
  2. March

    MAG Pump 1/20HP


    March magnetic pump, submersible or open air. March Seawater
    Circulation Pumps

    Simple, versatile and reliable, March Series 3 pumps feature an
    "orbital" magnetic drive and leak-proof design. They are rated up
    to 10GPM (33LPM) flow and for heads u...

    submersible or open air 115v
  3. March

    MAG Pump 1/12HP


    Series 4 pumps can deliver a maximum flow of 14 GPM (50 LPM) and
    are capable of serving applications with a maximum head of 21.5 ft.
    (4.7m) (49 ft. [15.6 m] when driven by an air motor). Applications
    include electronic medical equipment, etchin...

    230v ODP
  4. March

    Kynar PVDF PUMP 5.5


    Kynar March Pump. Involute design w/closed PVDF impeller magnet
    assembly. Max. flow 30GPM. Head 41 ft. Temps. to 190F. 2.937
    impeller. This pump has Kynar plastic construction & can handle
    strong halogen solutions & certain chronic or sulfuric ...
    115/230v TEFC PP
  5. March75_1.jpg March75_1.jpg


    Magnetic Kynar Pump


    SALE Magnetic Series 7.5 pumps are the only ones in the March
    product line with all molded parts constructed of natural
    Kynarï½®. This makes them ideal for sensitive
    applications where even a trace of foreign matter is unacceptable.
    Chemical p...
    2HP ,1ph

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  6. March

    Sealless pump Ryton


    Sealless pump Ryton. All Ryton PPS magnetic coupled pump. Ryton is a engineering thermoplastic and is good for many chemicals, solvents, alcohol and hot liquids. Motor is TEFC 115/230 single phase. March pumps are used in industry, sanitizing with...

    Ryton Pump 115/230V TEFC
  7. March

    March magnetic PEO- PP 1080GPH


    March Seawater Circulation Pump END ONLY. Polypro magnetic coupled pump.

    Connections are hose barb. 0150-0026-0100. Often used on Kodak
    plate processor polychrome 80N, marine AC cooling units, boat AC
    units like Marine Air P300. Used on Film...

    March Marine / Nano Brewery Pump
  8. March_TE-7k-MD Wet End Kit Parts March_TE-7k-MD Wet End Kit Parts


    TE-7K-MD Wet End Kit Parts


    March 7K pump parts, repair kit, Wet End. Parts can be bought individually or in complete Wet End Kits. Kynar PVDF wet end kit. Magdrive totally enclosed pumps are the "workhorses" or the March product line. Ceramic spindle is standard. Drive magn...

    March 7K Kynar Pump repair kit parts

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    Special Price $501.50

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  9. March7.5 pump.jpg March7.5 pump.jpg


    2HP PP Magnetic Pump

    TE-7.5P-MD-1ph Magnetic pump

    SALE March Magnetic Series 7.5 pumps are the only ones in the March product line with all molded parts constructed of glass filled Polypro. This makes them ideal for corrosive chemical applications. Chemical pumps for industrial process applicatio...

    115/230v 2HP PolyPro

    10% Off Regular Price: $2,442.00

    Special Price $2,199.00

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  10. March

    Condensate Pump


    A truly professional air conditioning or refrigeration installation
    calls for an evaporator condensate pump to make the job complete.
    March pioneered the development of condensate pumps, and today is a
    leading manufacturer, offering contractors...
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Items 1 to 10 of 205 total

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