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6E Effluent Submersible Pump 50gpm

Little Giant Effluent Submersible Pump Specifically engineered to handle demanding tasks of effluent waste transfer with high efficiencty and long term dependability. For usein residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural submersible applicationswith light to medium transfer demands.

Applications include sumps,dewatering, effluent waste and wastewater handling where materials must be moved upward from a collection area to sewer or septiclines or drainage areas. Often used for parking or loading dock bays. Available in automatic or manual operation.

Effluent Submersible Pumps can handle small solids when pumping. Like zoeller 53

  • Completely submersible
  • Handles liquid and solid waste material
  • Cast iron pump housing with protective BLUE epoxy coating
  • Oil filled motor housing for lifetime lubrication and rapid heat dissipation
  • Oil is safe for koi and fish
  • Mechanical-type seals
  • Vortex type impeller
  • 750 watts
  • Upper & lower sintered sleeve bearings
  • Thermal overload protection

6E Effluent Submersible Pump 50gpm

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    Little Giant

    6EN-CIA-SFS sump effluent pump



    Submersible Pump 115V, Automatic, 10' Power Cord. The Eliminator
    submersible pumps form Little Giant are specifically engineered to
    handle the tough demanding tasks of effluent and sewage waste
    transfer with high efficiency and long ...

    115v 10' cord Auto

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